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South Town on the world map.

South Town (南の村, Minami no Mura?) is a location in The Final Fantasy Legend, located directly south of Castle of Armor.


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The main characters arrive in South Town, and locate the girl. They ask why she turned down King Armor's proposal. She tells them that Bandit has threatened to destroy the village unless she accept his proposal. The main characters head for Bandit Cave located to the west of town.

After Bandit's defeat, the party finds that Girl has already left for Castle of Armor.

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Name Cost
Hammer 25 GP
Rapier 24 GP
FFL Sword Icon.pngLong 132 GP
Kick 11,000 GP
FFL Shield Icon.pngBronze 40 GP
FFL Glove Icon.pngBronze 500 GP
FFL Book Icon.pngFire 500 GP
FFL Book Icon.pngIce 500 GP


Name Cost
Strong 300 GP
Agility 300 GP
HP200 100 GP
Potion 50 GP
Needle 500 GP
Symbol 500 GP
Eyedrop 500 GP
Revive 15,000 GP
Heart 10,000 GP