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South Figaro Cave, also known as Figaro Cave, is a dungeon in Final Fantasy VI. It is a tunnel that leads from Figaro Castle to South Figaro. It contains a recovery spring and a secret passage to the basement of Figaro Castle. There's a turtle that lives within the cave.

Story Edit

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FFVI South Figaro Cave WoR iOS

The South Figaro Cave.

Terra, Locke, and Edgar travel from Figaro Castle to the Returner Hideout and pass through the cave to the town. Later, Locke and Celes pass through the cave when heading from South Figaro to Narshe. This time, they must fight the Tunnel Armor. After dispatching the machine, they make it safely out of the cave and continue to Narshe.

After the end of the world, the Crimson Robbers reveal a new section of the cave dug by sandworms. This part of the cave leads into the prison of Figaro Castle, which has been trapped underground when the burrowing engines malfunctioned. Siegfried is found following the robbers to steal treasure along the way. The new section of the cave is accessed by jumping on a turtle to traverse the cave's recovery spring, which has lost its healing properties.

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Figaro Cave on the World of Ruin world map.

World of Balance
World of Ruin

Musical themes Edit

"Phantom Forest" from Final Fantasy VI
FFVI Phantom Forest

"Phantom Forest" is the track used as the background theme for the South Figaro Cave.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

South Figaro Cave is the setting for a regular dungeon and is later revisited in the Challenge Events Legendary Plunder and Back to the Skies.

South Figaro Cave Edit

FFRK South Figaro Cave FFVI

Painting image.

Locke has come to South Figaro to disrupt the Empire's occupation. Trapped under watchful Imperial eyes, he finds an unlikely ally in Celes, an Imperial general. Together they escape through the cave beneath the town.


South Figaro Cave is unlocked by completing Imperial Camp in the Final Fantasy VI realm. Completion of this dungeon unlocks Phantom Train in the Final Fantasy VI realm.

Classic Rewards
Completion Type Item Quantity
Completion Reward Gil 700
Mastery Reward Silver Harp (V) 1
Stamina Shard 1
First Time Completion Bard 1
Mythril 1
Elite Rewards
Completion Type Item Quantity
Completion Reward Gil 3,500
Mastery Reward Madhura Harp (III) 1
Stamina Shard 1
First Time Completion Mythril 1
Stamina Shard 1

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Etymology Edit

Figaro is a French and Italian word for "barber", as well as the name of the central character from Pierre Beaumarchais's 1775 play The Barber of Seville.

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