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The Sound Novels (サウンドノベル, Saundo Noberu?) are minigames in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Tactics. Unlocked when the specific artefacts is earned, they are minigames that consist of four "sound novels" related to the elements in the Chronicle section of the game. The sound novels have no bearing to the main plot, but they are interesting side stories that tell of the history of Ivalice. They have a playing style similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Due to time and financial constraints, the sound novels never made it into the English version, and were scrapped entirely and became dummied features. The same goes for the remake version, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions.

Efforts were made to translate the PlayStation minigame and retain the interactivity of the story and even some of the audio. Three of the four sound novels have been translated by Mark Rosa a.k.a. DaBubba and made accessible to everyone.

Stories Edit

Veil of Wiyu Edit

FFT Veil of Wiyu

The name of this sound novel is a mistranslation of Oeilvert. It's a spy story. Oeilvert is a woman spy assigned to monitor an amnesiac writer whose lost memories hold a politically explosive secret. The player's actions towards the writer determine whether or not Oeilvert and her charge survive.

Nanai's Histories Edit

FFT Nanai's Histories

Nanai Valencia, a renown psychologist of Ivalice had spend his life analyzing different characters. Here, he tells the story of the gambler Tango.

Tango the gambler is married to Lucilda. His excessive gambling habit worries Lucilda, who left him for another man named Lance. Saddened, Tango spends time at a bar near the Chocobo Raceway, a chocobo racetrack. He overhears a conversations about people betting on different chocobos. When the winning chocobo is announced, Tango realizes the winning chocobo was not of the chocobos people had bet on.

Tango encounters Lucilda with Lance. He vows in front of them to win all the races and then give up gambling. The player must listen to all the conversations in the Raceway and pick up chocobo names before betting on one. The ending depends on the player's selection.

Mesa's Musings Edit

FFT Mesa's Musings

This sound novel is an adventure story. Mesa Ricksen travels on his airship with his crew in search of a lost city of gold. On a limited supply of HP (fuel), the player has to explore various islands and collect four jewels while engaging in battles with the airships of the Palamecian Empire.

Enavia Chronicles Edit

FFT Enavia Chronicles

This sound novel is a historical drama about the three daughters of Lord Albert of Khus Castle. The youngest daughter, Lucia, falls in love with the lowly gardener's son, Kurt, and the player guides their relationship.

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