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FFVI Soul of Thamasa Artwork

Soul of Thamasa in Final Fantasy VI.

Ancient Thamasan orb enshrining a wondrous power. Changes the Magic command to Dualcast.
Final Fantasy VI description

The Soul of Thamasa (ソウルオブサマサ, Souru Obu Samasa?), also known as Gem Box and Samantha Soul, is a recurring accessory in the Final Fantasy series. It affects the character's ability to cast magic.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

The relic Soul of Thamasa (called Gem Box in the SNES translation) grants the wielder the ability of Dualcast, but disables the use of summoning espers. Originally, it could only be acquired atop the Cultists' Tower, but in the Advance and smartphone remakes, it can be stolen from Glutturn. Thamasa is a town founded by disgraced mages and populated by their descendants, and one of the only places left in the world where magic is still practiced; the item's name alludes to the town.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

The Soul of Thamasa is an accessory that gives No MP Cost that allows Zack to cast spells without consuming MP. It can be found during Missions 9-4-4 and 9-6-5.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

The Soul of Thamasa (mistranslated as Samantha Soul) is a Guardian Force ability item that teaches the SumMag+40% ability to a Guardian Force. It can be stolen from Adel, refining Energy Crystal x50 into Samantha Soul x1, Quistis's card into Samantha Soul x3. Samantha Soul x20 can be refined into Elem-Atk x1 or Triple x60.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Samantha Soul is a Bangle for Lulu with both Break HP Limit and Break MP Limit.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

The Soul of Thamasa is an accessory that doubles MP consumption of the wielder for all spells, but strengthens the effects of said spells. It can be bribed from Detonator (Oversoul) and Volcano (Oversoul), stolen from Volcano, dropped from Ixion, and as a reward for completing the Operation: Monkey! sidequest in Zanarkand Dome (Chapter 2).

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

A coalescence of goodwill found buried deep inside a corrupt and evil heart. It glistens like an uncut gemstone.

The Soul of Thamasa is a loot stolen from Ishteens, dropped by Oversouls, and is a reward from the Deathscythe Hunt. It is one of the loot items needed to buy High Arcana from the Bazaar.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

HeadAccessory-lrffxiii-icon Soul of Thamasa is a head-type accessory. It increases the number of attacks before the combo finale by 1 and reduces maximum HP by 66%. Re-obtaining the Soul of Thamasa upgrades it to Soul of Thamasa+ and decreases the maximum HP reduction to 50%. It can be upgraded a second time becoming the Soul of Minwu, which increases the amount of magic combo finales but reduces max HP by 50%. It can be found in the Wildlands, in the the northern part of the City of Ruins. The player will need to glide with the Angel of Valhalla and need 6 EP to open the treasure sphere.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

NameEffectsValueObtainEquippable by
Soul of ThamasaMax MP +50Buy: —
Sell: 20000
Find: Ch.15: Costlemark Tower maze (Level 28)Noctis
An accessory exclusively for Noctis. Increases maximum MP.
Patch notes: <1.2: Max MP +30

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

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Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

FFT4HoL Growth Egg Icon

The Soul of Thamasa is an accessory that raises Magic Attack by 10% and Intellect by +5 points. It is acquired as treasure earlier in the game, and is later available at the item shops in Urbeth.

Bravely DefaultEdit

An eldritch substance that should not even exist. Its incredible beauty bewitches the hearts of all who lay eyes upon it. It also markedly raises the wearer's intelligence and magic attack power.

Soul of Thamasa is an accessory that increases INT by 20. It can be found in the Vampire Castle.

Bravely Second: End LayerEdit

Soul of Thamasa is an accessory that increase INT by 10. It can be found in Via Celestio and Dimension's Cauldron, or stolen from Walpurgis.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

The Soul of Thamasa is an accessory that raises magic damage by 20%, Wall Rush Bravery damage by 10%, and Chase Bravery damage by 10%. It can be obtained by trading 2,000 gil, a Star Earring, a Rocket Engine, and Tomes of the Farplane x5.

In her EX Mode, Terra's "Chainspell" ability is described as "embracing the spirit of a magus", referring to the Soul of Thamasa from Final Fantasy VI that gives the Dualcast skill.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

The Soul of Thamasa increases magic damage by 3%, Wall Rush Bravery damage by 40%, and Chase Bravery damage by 7%. It can be traded for an Earring, Jet Engine, Tome of the Farplane, and 3,500 gil.

Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

A mysterious accessory that grants its owner the Dualcast ability. Mages around the world covet this item for its rare capabilities, as possessing it would allow them to conjure two spells consecutively without having to submit themselves to extraneous training. As far as its name, "Thamasa" is believed to be a village of mages that exists in a distant world, although no one can say what its relationship to this accessory could be.

Soul of Thamasa is an accessory that is obtained as Trance Terra's Trust Master. It provides 12 DEF, 12 SPR, MP +30%, and enables use of Dualcast.



The soul, in many religious, philosophical, psychological, and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a person, living thing, or object.

Soul of Thamasa is named after the town of Thamasa from Final Fantasy VI.

On a few occasions サマサ (Samasa?) was mislocalized as "Samantha". Samantha is a word of uncertain origin. It possibly comes from Aramaic noun ܫܡܥܢܬܐ ‎(šemʿanta) meaning "listener".

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