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Restores some HP to all other party members.


Soul Spiral, also known as Spiraler,[1][2] is Sabin's level 42 Blitz technique in Final Fantasy VI. It is one of two Blitz techniques with a supportive effect. The ability fully heals the HP and MP of all other party members and removes most negative statuses, but ejects Sabin from the battle.


Soul Spiral is available to Sabin at level 42.

Gogo can also use any Blitz techniques that Sabin has learned by equipping Blitz in Gogo's ability menu. This allows Gogo to use Soul Spiral.


Soul Spiral is input using the following inputs, depending on platform:

Platform Input
SNES R L X Y Right Left
PlayStation R1 L1 Triangle Square Right Left
GBA R L Up Down Right Left
iOS/Android/PC Upper-right Upper-left Up Down Right Left

Soul Spiral cures darkness, zombie, poison, imp, petrify, doom, silence, berserk, confuse, sap, sleep, slow, stop, and frozen.

Soul Spiral ejects the user from the battle. Unlike being KO'd, this means they cannot be revived, but are not considered defeated for Game Over purposes unless it is a battle the player cannot escape.


Soul Spiral is a risky ability to use, as though it cures the entire party, it ejects Sabin from the battle entirely. Sabin's Blitz techniques make him a formidable fighter and a great source of damage, meaning that removing him is not ideal. The ability should only be used as a last resort.

If Sabin only needs to heal the party somewhat and remove a few statuses, Chakra will do this based on Sabin's current HP, without jeopardizing himself. Most times, simply using spells such as Curaga or Arise should be chosen over using Soul Spiral.

Gogo is somewhat more ambiguous and dependent on the player's setup. Gogo's lower stats and ability to equip other skillsets mean that it may be less risky to use Gogo to heal the party with Soul Spiral. However, as with Sabin, other options exist to cure the party, and so it should be a last resort.

Soul Spiral can be an effective ability to heal the party during random encounters as a shortcut to using an inn or tent. This way, Sabin or Gogo can fully heal the party before they return to rest and heal.