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Soul Eater is an ability available to Dark Knights in Final Fantasy XI that can be first obtained at level 30. The ability can be used once every 6 minutes and lasts for a period of 1 minute or until the player takes the effect off manually. While active, each hit inflicted by the Dark Knight will decrease the Dark Knight's HP by 10%. This loss of HP is converted directly into damage versus another creature. Soul Eater also has a moderate effect on the Dark Knight's accuracy.

If used with a support or Support Job, the player will still lose 10% of their life per hit, but they will only transfer about 5% of that into damage to their enemy.

Although Soul Eater is not affected by Defense or Vitality, it is affected by resistance to physical attack. Creatures weak to physical damage will take more damage than 10% of the Dark Knight's HP, while creatures with high resistance to physical damage, such as Flans, will take less, about half of the normal amount.

Ability-enhancing equipment[]

  • Gloom Breastplate
  • Chaos Burgeonet
  • Sable Cuisses

All three of these items are assumed to increase the percentage of converted HP to damage to 12% rather than 10%.