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Soul Breaks (必殺技, Hissatsu Waza?, lit. Killing Technique), referred as Soul Strikes in the database and often abbreviated as SB by players, are special abilities in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Soul Breaks are similar to the Limit Break system found in previous installments in the series.


Each playable character has a Soul Break, which is sometimes unique to specific characters or usable by multiple characters. All characters start with a Soul Break but are able to use other Soul Breaks simply by acquiring specific pieces of equipment, such as weapons.

The Soul Gauge, located at the top of the player control panel, is divided into six segments, of which two are required to execute a common Soul Break. Some Soul Breaks may require different numbers of segments before they can be executed, such as Arcane Overstrike Soul Breaks require three, and Glint Soul Breaks require one. The idea is that Breaks of higher magnitude would consume more Soul Gauge energy. Energy is built by attacking or taking damage, and so combines the Stoic and Warrior Overdrive modes in Final Fantasy X. When the gauge is sufficiently filled, the player can execute any Break s/he has energy to execute. The attacking unit will charge the selected Break wrapped in an orange aura, and then unleash it.


Initially, players were forced to pick only one Soul Break for their characters before they were brought into battle. The game later allowed for characters to choose up to four different Soul Breaks to bring into battle, expanding to ten as of the most recent update. Character-specific Soul Breaks, also known as Unique Soul Breaks, could also be mastered by the character, thus allowing them to use Unique Soul Breaks without having to wear the equipment that originally granted it.

The Soul Gauge was also divided into three larger segments, with only a marker above the gauge to measure its progress.

Until the most recent server-side update, Soul Breaks required EXP proportional to that acquired with normal battles. Although Soul Breaks are automatically learned, they must still be equipped in order to become available for use.

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Non-augmenting types[]

Default Soul Breaks

These are the moves initially assigned to a character. Many are either slightly amplified versions of a normal attack for the user, or buff/debuff skills.

Shared Soul Breaks

Certain 5★ weapons and armor may contain Shared Soul Breaks. These can be equipped on any unit regardless of origin or synergy status. Most shared SBs are amplified attacks or area-of-effect (AoE) abilities impacting groups. They can be equipped at will, but cannot be permanently acquired.

Unique Soul Breaks

Unique Soul Breaks are abilities specific to a given character, but which do not grant any boost when acquired. A few of these moves are taught with rarity rank 4 weapons and armor, but such cases are limited to the Core Classes. Most other Soul Breaks require 5★ weapons and armor.

Augmenting types[]

More powerful versions of Soul Breaks have been introduced as well. These advanced moves are supercharged to provide increased damage, healing, or status-altering effects. Each Soul Break in this group permanently augments a character's strongest stat when acquired. If used as Roaming Warriors, these Soul Breaks will grant all of their effects to the character who summoned them.

Super Soul Breaks

Super Soul Breaks (超必殺技, Chōhissatsuwaza?, lit. Super Special Move) (shortened by fans to "SSB") are not unlike unique Soul Breaks in that they are specific to one character. All Super Soul Breaks are indicated by a Plus ("+") badge on the bottom right corner of their button icons. They are assigned to 5★ weapons and armor.

Burst Soul Breaks

Burst Soul Breaks (バースト超必殺技, Bāsuto Chōhissatsuwaza?, lit. Burst Super Special Move) (shortened by fans to "BSB") are stronger than Super Soul Breaks in that they also grant the user with Burst Mode status, which replace the "Attack" and "Defend" ability with unique abilities for a fixed duration and boost the character's stats, including Accuracy and Speed. All Burst Soul Breaks are indicated by a small flame badge on the bottom right corner of their button icons. They are assigned to 5★ weapons and armor.

Overstrike Soul Breaks

Overstrike Soul Breaks (オーバーフロー超必殺技, Ōbāfurō Chōhissatsuwaza?, lit. Overflow Super Special Move) (shortened by fans to "OSB") are powerful moves that break the damage limit, extending the cap to 99,999 points, but are always single-hit abilities, even though the animation may indicate otherwise. OSBs are indicated by an arrow badge on their button icons. They are assigned to 6★ weapons and armor.

Chain Soul Breaks

Chain Soul Breaks (リミットチェイン超必殺技, Rimittochein Chōhissatsuwaza?, lit. Limit Chain Super Special Move) (shortened by fans to "CSB") are designed to allow for concurrent multiple-hit combination attacks that can be shared among members of the party, in turn increasing the damage-per-second ratio the longer an attack chain remains unbroken. The unit possessing such a Soul Break opens the chain, while other units can contribute using elemental skills matching the element of the Soul Break in play to extend the chain. Certain units can also use special ability classes (e.g. Witch skills) to help extend the chain. Certain Chain Soul Breaks can also extend the chain to 150 concurrent hits in the time allotted. Chain Soul Breaks carry a linked chain badge on their button icons. They are assigned to 6★ weapons and armor. Generally speaking there are three types of Chain Soul Breaks:

  • "First-Generation Chains" which offer an elemental hit chain up to 99 hits, and other effects, like 11 hits of the associated element. Zack's Lucky Stars Chain Soul Break is unique, giving a 50% boost to ATK and an extra 50% damage boost to critical hits, setting a precedent for Second-Generation Chains.
  • "Free/Mini Chains" are smaller versions of First-Generation Chains, offered on the Black Fat Chocobo events and with the first of them (Reno's Chain of Thunder) being offered on the Record Labs. They offer only the elemental field of 20% with a 99-hit limit, with no extra effects whatsoever.
  • "Second-Generation Chains" which offer a 50% boost to either ATK or MAG and an elemental hit chain up to 150 hits, with an elemental field granting a 50% boost to attacks of the same element.
  • "Third-Generation Chains" differ from Second-Generation ones by executing instantly rather than having a charge time, limiting their chain count to 99 and granting the party a 20% stackable elemental buff. Otherwise, the chain field and stat boosts are the same provided by a Second-Generation Chain.
  • "Realm Chains" that increase both ATK and MAG by 30% and a Realm hit chain up to 150 hits, also granting Haste to the party.
  • Upon completion of the Lord of Knight record, Elarra gains the "Fabula Sorcerer" Roaming Warrior ability to be used on Magicite fights. It works similar to a Mini Chain, providing a 20% elemental field against the Magicite the player is fighting, and a 99-hit limit Chain. Use of this Roaming Warrior is however not allowed on the Lord of Knights record.
Ultra Soul Breaks

Ultra Soul Breaks (超絶必殺技, Chōzetsu Hissatsuwaza?, lit. Transcendent Special Move) (shortened by fans to "USB") are essentially next-level SSBs that provide greater effects when used. All Ultras are identified with a pair of plus signs ("++") as the badge over their button icons. They are found on 6★ weapons and armor. This upgrade was introduced with the Vow Upon a Star event. Three types of Ultra Soul Breaks can be distinguished:

  • EX Mode USB, which grants the user with a unique status that carries special properties, like dualcasting certain abilities and/or following each nth ability use with a unique ability.
  • Brave Mode USB, which grants the user a special status and replaces the "Attack" command with a unique ability, called Bravery Command, that can achieve up to level 3, each level is more powerful than the previous one, and increasing the Brave Ability's level requires using certain equippable commands, e.g. using Fire-elemental abilities.
  • "General USB", which comes with plethora of effects but does not carry a distinctive status as the Ultra Soul Breaks listed above.
Arcane Overstrikes/Arcane Soul Breaks

Arcane Overstrikes (オーバーフロー奥義, Ōbāfurō Ougi?, lit. Ultimate Overflow Special Move) (shortened by fans to "AOSB") are Soul Breaks that unleash either a series of twenty withering attacks that are capped by a massive damage cap breaking attack, or three heavy damage cap breaking attacks. Though incredibly powerful, they can only be used once per dungeon attempt, and they require three Soul Gauge bars to use. They are found on 6★ weapons and armor. There are two types of Arcane Overstrikes:

  • Three powerful hits, each able to break the damage cap.
  • Twenty hits, unable to break the damage cap by default, followed by a hit that can break the damage cap.

With the soul break honing update AOSBs can reach level 10. They have Soul Break Damage Boost and Soul Break Cost Reduction .


An unique type of Soul Breaks that triggers instantly and grants various effects. There are two types of Glints (閃技, Sengi?, lit. Flash Technique) that differ on the basis of the equipment rarity they are imbued to:

  • 5★ weapons and armor grant the normal, most common type of Glints, costing one gauge segment and being allowed for three uses.
  • 6★ weapons and armor grant an enhanced version, which costs no gauge, but can only be used once. Referred by fans as "Glint+" or "Superglint".

Glints are famed for being the most common source of Empowered Infusions, which enable a character to stack multiple instances of Elemental Infusion to empower their attacks.

Awakening Soul Breaks

Awakenings (覚醒奥義, Kakusei ōgi?, lit. Awakened special move) (shortened by fans to "AASB" for "Arcane Awakening Soul Break") are a powerful type of Soul Break that can only be used once per dungeon, and grant Awoken Mode when used. Awoken Mode empowers abilities of a specific school or element (or multiple schools/elements) and grants them unlimited uses. They consume two Soul Gauge bars to use. They are found on 6★ weapons and armor. With the honing update Awakenings can be honed to level 15, granting an extra Soul Break use. Other effects depend on the type.

Sync Soul Breaks

(シンクロ奥義, Shinkuro ōgi?) Syncs (shortened by fans to "SASB" for "Synchro Arcane Soul Break") are the first Soul Breaks offered on 7★ weapons and armor, and like Awakenings can only be used once per dungeon, with the added limitation that only one Sync can be equipped to the character at a given time. They consume two Soul Gauge bars, and usually grant to the user a fully maxed Empowered Infusion along with its initial effects and Sync Mode. Sync Mode works much like Burst Soul Breaks by changing the Attack and Guard commands into Sync Commands, which can be linked to abilities of the same school or element on slots 1 and 2, causing both to be casted at the same time.

Using a linked Sync Command causes the linked ability to consume a hone, although Sync Commands themselves have no hone limits. Sync Commands lose their link if the ability in the corresponding slot is not of the matching school or element, if it has no hones left, or if it is affected by effects that change hone consumption, such as Awoken Modes. Sync Commands, like Burst Commands, are affected by Dualcast Legend Materia and Record Materia, as well as the Ability Double effect inherent to Awoken Modes. Linked abilities, however, will not trigger Legend Materias or Record Materias.

The effects of the entry move of a Sync Soul Break can be enhanced when a player pulls a duplicate of the relic, causing the Soul Break level to go up by 2 out of 5, or when imbued with Record Scrolls bought on the Record Labs, making the level go up by 1. Such enhancements usually cause the entry move to do more damage and its charge time to shorten. Healing syncs enhance the amount of HP recovered. Support syncs grant stat boosts based on hone level.

Limit Break Overstrike

(リミットブレイク・オーバーフロー, Rimittobureiku ōbāfurō?) Limit Break Overstrikes use the Limit Break Gauge rather than the Soul Gauge. They are found on 7* relics. Damage is relative to the amount of Limit Gauge consumed.

Their honing effects are Limit Break Gauge Boost and Limit Break Delay Reduction maxing out at 5.

Limit Break Glint

Limit Break Glints use one bar of the Limit Break Gauge rather than the Soul Gauge. They can be found on 6* armor, similar to Glint+'s.

Their honing effects are Attack Level Boosts for their respective element, unlocking at Level 7.

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Core classes[]

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Shared Soul Breaks[]

Japanese release[]

Soul Break Notes
Slow Shot*
FFRK Slow Shot Icon.png
FFRK Pinwheel FFIX.png
Pinwheel (IX)
Frozen Sword
FFRK Frozen Sword Icon.png
Ice Sword
Slow Buster
FFRK Slow Buster Icon.png
Immovable Sword
FFRK Immovable Sword Icon.png
Lefthand Sword
Flying Head Shot
FFRK Flying Head Shot Icon.png
Death Hand
FFRK Death Hand Icon.png
Light Protector (光の守護)
FFRK Light Protector Icon.png
FFRK Light Robe FFIV.png
Luminous Robe (IV)
Sleep Thrust
FFRK Sleep Thrust Icon.png
FFRK Partisan FFV.png
Partisan (V)
Apothecary Lore (回復薬の知識)
FFRK Medicine Knowledge Icon.png
FFRK Scholar Hat FFIII.png
Scholar Hat (III)
Attack Boost
FFRK Attack Up Icon.png
FFRK Red Hat FFIX.png
Red Hat (IX)
FFRK Revival Icon.png
FFRK Lamia's Tiara FFXII.png
Lamia's Tiara (XII)
Heal Water
FFRK Heal Water Icon.png
FFRK Spirit’s Diadem RoM.png
Spirit's Diadem (RoM)
Healing Examination
FFRK Healing Examination Icon.png
Silence Blow
FFRK Silence Blow Icon.png
Sword Dance
FFRK Sword Dance Icon.png
Twin Edge
FFRK Twin Edge Icon.png
Tiger Roar
FFRK Tiger Roar Icon.png
FFRK Tigerclaw FFXIII.png
Tigerclaw (XIII)
Saintly Beam
FFRK Saintly Beam Icon.png
FFRK Flammie Icon.png
FFRK Wind Drum RoM.png
Wind Drum (RoM)
Frozen Snow (凍雪)
FFRK Frozen Snow Icon.png
FFRK Ice Rod FFT.png
Ice Rod (FFT)
FFRK Dignity Icon.png
Slow Blast
FFRK Slow Blast Icon.png
Axis Blade
Bladeblitz Break
FFRK Bladeblitz Break Icon.png
Mana Blade
FFRK Mana Blade Icon.png
FFRK Mana Sword RoM.png
Mana Sword (RoM)
Battle Roar
FFRK Battle Roar Icon.png
FFRK Provoke Icon.png
Crystal Mail (VI)
Light of Exorcism
FFRK Light of Exorcism Icon.png
Group Treatment [全体治療]
FFRK Group Treatment Icon.png
Werebuster (II)
Light Savior
FFRK Light Savior Icon.png
Ignus Fatuus
FFRK Ignus Fatuus Icon.png
Lilith Rod (V)
FFRK Flash SB Icon.png
Diamond Plate (V)
FFRK Breakdown Icon.png
FFRK First Goal FFX.png
First Goal (X)
Magebane Aegis
FFRK Patron of Aegis Icon.png
Aegis Shield (V)
Scarlet Blade [緋緋色の刃]
FFRK Scarlet Blade Icon.png
Orichalcum (II)
First Aid
FFRK First Aid Icon.png
Esthar Bracers (VIII)
FFRK Salvation Icon.png
Tungsten Bangle (XIII)
Inferno Fang
FFRK Inferno Fang Icon.png
Inferno Fang (VIII)
FFRK Freeze Icon.png
Ice Rod (T)
FFRK Pray Icon.png
Mage's Staff (X)
FFRK Heal Icon.png
FFRK Healing Staff FFIV.png
Healing Staff (IV)
FFRK Regenerate Icon.png
FFRK White Staff FFT.png
White Staff (FFT)
FFRK Teamwork Icon.png
Aurochs Uniform (X)
Mind Up
FFRK Mind Up Icon.png
FFRK Survival Vest FFXII.png
Survival Vest (XII)
Whole Body Blow (渾身の一撃)
FFRK Whole Body Blow Icon.png
FFRK Black Belt Gi FFIV.png
Black Belt Gi (IV)
FFRK Protect RoM Icon.png
FFRK Plasma Suit RoM.png
Plasma Suit (RoM)
Raven's Yawn
FFRK Raven's Yawn Icon.png
Light Curtain
FFRK Light Curtain Icon.png
Zeus's Wrath
FFRK Zeus's Wrath Icon.png
FFRK Serpent Sword FFIII.png
Serpent Sword (III)
Warrior's Protection
FFRK Warrior's Protection Icon.png
FFRK Warrior's Bracer FFX.png
Warrior's Bracer (X)
FFRK Earth Healing Icon.png
Gaia Gear (V)
Shock Throw
FFRK Shock Throw Icon.png
Boomerang (VII)
Time Heal
FFRK Time Heal Icon.png
Precious Watch (VII)
Smokescreen (煙幕)
FFRK Smokescreen Icon.png
FFRK Thief's Bracer FFVI.png
Thief's Bracer (VI)
Illuminating Power
FFRK Illuminating Power Icon.png
FFRK Christmas Mittens.png
Christmas Mittens (VII)
Helm Divide
FFRK Helm Divide Icon.png
Feather Heal
FFRK Feather Heal Icon.png
FFRK Chocobracelet FFVII.png
Chocobracelet (VII)
Glimmer of Hope
FFRK Graceful Shine Icon.png
FFRK Diamond Shield FFI.png
Diamond Shield (I)
Everyone Dies Arrows (皆死ね矢)
FFRK Everyone Dies Arrows Icon.png
FFRK Grim Reaper RS2.png
Grim Reaper
Blessing (祝福)
FFRK Blessing RS2 Icon.png
FFRK Liberty Staff RS2.png
Liberty Staff
Galaxy (ギャラクシィ)
FFRK Galaxy Icon.png
FFRK Avalon Holy Clothes RS2.png
Avalon Holy Clothes
Midare Setsugekka (乱れ雪月花)
FFRK Midare Setsugekka Icon.png
FFRK Moonlight RS2.png
Energy Ball
FFRK Energy Ball Icon.png
FFRK Spirit Bracelet SoM.png
Spirit Bracelet (I)
FFRK Balloon Icon.png
FFRK Fuma Shuriken SoM.png
Fuma Shuriken (I)
Lucid Barrier
FFRK Lucid Barrier Icon.png
FFRK Griffin Helm SoM.png
Griffin Helm (I)
Fire Cocktail
FFRK Fire Cocktail Icon.png
FFRK Garuda Buster SoM.png
Garuda Buster (I)
FFRK Anti-Magic Icon.png
FFRK Spirit’s Mantle SoM.png
Spirit's Mantle (I)
FFRK Blitz (shared) Icon.png
FFRK Engine Blade FFXV.png
Engine Blade (XV)
Chocobo Break
FFRK Chocobo Break Icon.png
FFRK Chocobo Wing FFX.png
Chocobo Wing (X)
Defense Feathers
FFRK Defense Feathers Icon.png
FFRK Chocobo Suit FFV.png
Chocobo Suit (V)
FFRK Unknown SB Icon.png
File:FFRK Unknown Instrument.png
Molecular Decomposition
FFRK Molecular Decomposition Icon.png
FFRK Splasher SaGa.png
Lightning Earrings (ライトニングピアス)
FFRK Lightning Earrings Icon.png
FFRK Lopera Espada SaGa.png
Lopera Espada
Spiral Charge
FFRK Spiral Charge Icon.png
FFRK Obsidian Spear SaGa.png
Obsidian Spear
Turtle Split
FFRK Turtle Split Icon.png
FFRK Golden Bat SaGa.png
Golden Bat
Thorn Spell
FFRK Thorn Spell Icon.png
FFRK Joust SaGa.png
Jolt Counter
FFRK Jolt Counter Icon.png
FFRK Ogre's Glove SaGa.png
Ogre's Glove
Fall Fortress (落鳳破)
FFRK Fall Fortress Icon.png
FFRK Fujio SaGa.png
FFRK Tentacle Icon.png
FFRK Tentacle FFVI Weapon.png
Octopus Ink
FFRK Octopus Ink Icon.png
FFRK Octopus Ink FFVI.png
Octopus Ink
Nibelung Valesti
FFRK Nibelung Valesti Icon.png
FFRK Lævateinn VP.png
Final Blast
FFRK Final Blast Icon.png
FFRK Striking Sword VP.png
Striking Sword
Bloody Curse
FFRK Bloody Curse Icon.png
FFRK Bloody Knuckles VP.png
Bloody Knuckles
Celestial Star
FFRK Celestial Star Icon.png
FFRK Holy Wand of Telos VP.png
Holy Wand of Telos
Meteor Swarm
FFRK Meteor Swarm Icon.png
FFRK Unknown VP Weapon.png
Gemini Crisis
FFRK Gemini Crisis Icon.png
FFRK Luso's Decorative Sword VP.png
Luso's Decorative Sword
Sylvan Storm
FFRK Sylvan Storm Icon.png
FFRK Sylvan Bow VP.png
Sylvan Bow
FFRK Unknown VP SB Icon.png
FFRK Unknown VP Weapon 2.png
Phantom Train Scramble
FFRK Phantom Train Scramble Icon.png
File:FFRK Phantom Train Wheel.png
Phantom Train Wheel



The soul, in many religious, philosophical, psychological, and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a person, living thing, or object.