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"Sorrows of Parting" (離愁, Rishū?) is a theme from Final Fantasy V. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

Game appearances[]

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Final Fantasy V[]

"Sorrows of Parting" plays during some melancholic events, such as the deaths of Syldra and Galuf. It is the twenty-fourth track of the first disc of the Final Fantasy V: Original Sound Version. "Sorrows of Parting" arrange by TOSE for Final Fantasy V Advance is the twenty-sixth of the Final Fantasy Finest Box collection's second disc.

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Arrangement album appearances[]

Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow[]

Miss Mino plays the piano, while Miss Ohki sings in this simple arrangement. Still, you can hear the clear air between the notes, while the images of this song come up.

Liner notes to "Tooi Hibi no Nanokori" on Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow album

"Tooi Hibi no Nanokori" ("Remnants of Distant Days") is a vocal arrangement of "Sorrows of Parting", featured in the music album Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow, performed by Risa Ohki. It is sung in Japanese and is the sixth track of the album.


Usuzumi iro no kureyuku sora wa
Sasou yo, tooi hibi no nagori o
Osanai yume to akogare nosete
Hikouki kumo ga nagarete kieta
Moshimo toki o koete
Ano hi no watashi ni
Tsutaerareru no nara
Tonde ikitai
Osore o saa, sono chiisa na
Te no hira kara sotto
Hanashite oyari
Sekai wa tada matteiru no
Kagayaku hitomi ga arukidasu no o
Mishiranu machi no mishiranu hito wa
Eiga no you ni toorisugiru
Dareka watashi ni michi o oshiete
Yuku hazu datta, mou hitotsu no michi
Moshimo doa o akete
Tonari no sekai ni
Hairikomeru no nara
Watashi o sagasou
Hon no sukoshi yume o otte
Mawari michi o shita natsukashii hi o
Soshite ima mo
Kagayaku hitomi de aruiteiru no?
Usuzumi iro no kureyuku sora wa
Sasou yo, tooi hibi no nagori o
English translation[]
The darkening ink-colored sky
Invites traces of distant days.
Carrying childhood dreams and yearnings,
Airplane trails flow and disappear.
If I crossed time
To the me of that day,
If I could tell her,
I'd want to fly away.
And as for fears, well
Let them fall away just so
From your tiny palms.
The world is simply waiting
For your shining eyes to make their debut.
Strange towns' unknown people
Pass on by as though in a movie.
Won't someone show me the path?
The one remaining path I'm expected to follow?
If you open the door
To the neighboring world,
If you can go inside,
Search for me.
Follow your dreams, if only a little,
Those nostalgic days that took roundabout routes
Do you remember them?
And are you still
Walking about with your shining eyes?
The darkening ink-colored sky
Invites traces of distant days.

Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV/V/VI[]

A piano arrangement by Hiroyuki Nakayama of this theme is included in this album as its second track.

Compilation album appearances[]

Potion 2: Relaxin' with Final Fantasy[]

"Tooi Hibi no Nanokori" from Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow was included in this compilation as its second track.