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The "Sorceress" enemies are a series of mini-bosses in Final Fantasy VIII. At the start of time compression, Squall and the party fight eleven incarnations of sorceresses from different time periods. Though there are eleven, they only have three different appearances.






The first six sorceresses can only use one spell apiece, from Fire to Aero. The first sorceress uses Fire, the second uses Thunder, the third uses Fira, and so on. Their HP and defenses are low.

The seventh through tenth sorceress enemies are stronger. The first casts Double on herself and beleaguers the party with Thundaga spells. The second casts Quake and Meltdown, making her the first threat out of any of her colleagues. The third casts only one spell, Meteor. The last sorceress casts Double and then rains down Flare.

The final "Sorceress" is the main enemy. Unless she is counting, she will counter any attack with Creepy Touch, which always deals critical damage. At the end of the count down she will cast Ultima.


The "regular" sorceresses are weak to Instant Death, so junctioning Deaths to Status Attack will dispatch them in a single hit. They are also weak to Zombie+restoratives if the player doesn't have Deaths. A lot of their spells can be reflected, but multi-target spells like Meteor, Quake and Ultima will still hit.

When fighting the final sorceress, it is best not to attack until she begins her countdown. The party can heal and boost themselves with Shell and Aura until she begins counting, at which point the party can let loose with Limit Breaks, Guardian Forces, and magic. It is best to try and destroy her before she can finish counting, but if the party is at full health and protected by Shell, they should survive the blast.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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