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The Sorcerer is a non-player character from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.


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The Sorcerer appears when Jusqua arrives in the merchant town of Urbeth. Jusqua asks the Sorcerer if he can lift the curse on the stray cat that he believes to be Aire, he agrees to help if Jusqua can provide 10,000 gil. After Jusqua gives the Sorcerer the money, the Sorcerer tells Jusqua to rest at the inn. That night, the Sorcerer runs away from Urbeth with the cat and gil and turns all the puppets in town into monsters. Jusqua and Yunita defeat all the monsters and learn that the Sorcerer fled to the Ice Caverns.

Jusqua manages to catch up to the Sorcerer, but the Sorcerer summons a Behugemoth to attack him. Jusqua loses to the beast, but Brandt appears and together they defeat the Behugemoth. The Sorcerer apologizes to Jusqua and reveals he only took the cat, because he wanted to keep it as a pet. Brandt reveals to Jusqua that the real Aire is in Spelvia and the cat he's been chasing is just a stray cat. The Sorcerer gives back Jusqua the money he took and the cat runs away to Rekoteh in Invidia.

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The Sorcerer is fought as a boss inside the Ice Caverns.