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Sophia is a character in Final Fantasy Dimensions. She is the great elder of Mysidia.



Sophia is a diminutive young-looking woman that wears a white hood. She has green hair (brown in the sprite) with white flowers and blue eyes. Her clothing is mostly a white vest with brown shoes and reddish gloves. She wears several flower adornments.


Sophia is a mostly a wise, powerful and knowledgeable individual which grants her great respect among the town of Mysidia. She takes this respect and position with great pride and does not tolerate disrespect of any kind. The most common of the insults she receives is being called a "Gaunt Girl" given her appearance, which she will quickly counter the offender with a lightning-elemental spell, the magnitude of which varies according to the person (i.e using a Thunder on Dusk when he was younger, and a Thundaga on Sol who is a teenager).


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Sophia's first meeting with the Warriors of Light occurs when they make their way into the floating village of Mysidia to meet its Great Elder. Sol, astounded by her gauntness, dubs her Gaunt Girl and she strikes him with thunder, calling him an impudent whelp. Dusk reports the ultimate fruition of his journey and also of Alba's, stating that the time has come to unseal the forbidden white magic, Holy. Unfortunately, the Avalon Empire begins their invasion of Mysidia, cutting their meeting short and forcing the Warriors of Light to take care of the Empire's forces.

After routing the Empire, the Warriors of Light once again meet with Sophia, re-enacting Sol's punishment by her thunder, and also re-kindling the conversation of Dusk and Alba having protected the Crystals in each distinct world. She motions the Warriors of Light to follow her to an abandoned and locked house in Mysidia. She frees the lock on the house and joins their party, telling them they need to traverse the depths of the Mysidia Cavern to find what they seek. Further inside the depths, the party discovers a giant crystal, bathing the entire room in its brilliant shine. Sophia approaches the crystal and begins an incantation that results in the acquisition of the ultimate white magic, Holy.

Following the undertaking of unsealing Holy, an earthquake envelops the Mysidia Cave and Mysidia falls from its place in the sky, landing on a patch of open land. Sophia states that the crystal served its purpose of keeping the ultimate white magic hidden from those who wish to use it for their own nefarious purposes. As a result, the crystal need not keep Mysidia in within the distant clouds and therefore bring it back to the surface of the world. As soon as Mysidia lands, Sophia suggests that the party explore a cavern found to the North.

Upon arriving at the Massive Cavern, the party delves deeper and discovers another crystal with the same luminous shine as the one in the Mysidia Cavern. Sophia, unfazed by the existence of the crystal, begins another ritual which lends the Warriors of Light her powers. While the Warriors of Light bathe in the light of the crystal, Imperial soldiers walk into the crystal room, surrounding the exit. Shango appears and demands that the Warriors of Light surrender the crystal. Sophia refuses his notion and Shango begins his retaliation.

Fortunately, an earthquake begins, much to the relief of the party and Sophia and Dusk mention the dimensional shift occurring. The whole room gets encased in an astounding bright light, causing everyone to be awed and engulfed by its brilliance. After this event, the party and Sophia find themselves in the midst of a grassy area, commenting on the disappearance of the Massive Cavern and the Imperial soldiers. Sophia, worried by the recent development, urges the party to return to Mysidia, only to discover all of its citizens have disappeared. Confused and uncertain of the current circumstances, Sophia leaves the party and returns to her abode to elucidate upon the situation with her tomes.

Sophia embraces destiny as Mysidia falls from the sky.

After the Warriors of Light and the Warriors of Darkness meet up in Lufenia, they travel back to Mysidia wherein Dusk and Alba report directly to Sophia about their experiences and the development of the current situation. Upon the conclusion of Alba's report, Sophia urges the Warriors of Light and Darkness to investigate the curious situation they find themselves in and discover why it is that everyone has disappeared and why the Empire still remains. She bids farewell to the party as she continues her investigation into the dimensional shift and its irregularities.

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Starting stats[]

Stat Growth
LV 60
HP 2855
MP 543
STR 17
SPD 32
VIT 27
INT 25
MND 81

Stat growth[]

Stat Growth


Sophia corresponds to the Seer job character. She comes equipped with White Magic Lv. 8 possessing nearly all White Magic spells, making her a tremendously effective support unit. She also has Black Magic Lv. 6 allowing her to use Black Magic up to the ga-tier Spells, however her INT stat is low (and mostly reduced by her equipment in favor of MND boosts) so her damage output won't be as high unless the player equips her with more magically offensive gears.

She comes equipped with Shining Staff, Daybreak Hat, Daybreak Robe and Platinum Bangle, most of which decrease her INT stat while substantially increasing her MND stat.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Sophia TCG.png

Sophia appears on a card.


Sophia, Greek for wisdom, is a central idea in Hellenistic philosophy and religion, Platonism, Gnosticism, Orthodox Christianity, Esoteric Christianity, as well as Christian mysticism, and is commonly represented as a goddess. Sophia is also a primary deity in Gnosticism.

As a feminine given name of Greek origin, Sophia retains the meaning of "wisdom", with variant names Sofia and Sophie among others in Western culture.