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Sophia is a non-player character from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A nurse from the Kingdom of Grandshelt, Lady Sophia met and fell in love with Raegen, a man of Paladian origin. She is Rain and Lasswell's mother.



Sophia is woman with dark brown hair with a pink flower on the right side of her hair and a white and blue dress.


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An inhabitant of Grandshelt, Sophia was a doctor's apprentice who often looked after the treatment of the kingdom's knights. She firmly believed that a knight's duty was to protect oneself first and foremost in order to protect others.

On one occasion, she helped out on a mission led by Captain Loren near Lodin. In one of the battles, Raegen was injured protecting a fellow knight and, while he rejected her aid, she stubbornly had him agree to her treatment. When she later looked for him for a follow-up examination, she realized his arm had healed far too quickly. In her curiosity, she followed him and Ryumynui to the catacombs, and overheard as Raegen admitted to being immortal when the bard insisted on him being the founding father of Grandshelt. Worried about his lack of self-preservation, Sophia gave him a tour around Grandshelt, hoping to make him feel he had a home to return to keep him safe.

When he set off on a self-imposed mission to defeat a ochu to obtain the Sacred Ring of Paladia, Sophia followed to make sure he would not get hurt again; unbeknownst to her, so did Loren, Zile, Ryumynui and her bodyguard Lucille. With their assistance, Raegen was able to retrieve the Sacred Vessel. At the capital's entrance, Raegen told Sophia he would use the vessel to save his friend and would come back to Grandshelt, hoping to fully experience life there.

When he came back, Sophia and Raegen got involved romantically and eventually married. Together they had a child, Rain. When Raegen's adoptive brother and his wife died, Raegen took in their orphaned infant son, Lasswell; Sophia and Raegen raised him as a true son, but Lasswell would insist on calling them "Miss" and "Sir" for many years.

One day, Raegen left to take out some of the monsters near the capital, and Sophia, Rain and Lasswell waited for him at the city's entrance. When he returned, he was covered in wounds. As he went to report to the king, Rain asked why he fought like that. Sophia then told the two that, as a Knight of Grandshelt, Raegen fought to keep the people safe, including himself, and to keep others from feeling sorrow—thus giving Rain the dream of becoming a knight himself.

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Five years ago, a former comrade of Raegen's, Veritas of the Light, appeared and asked him to rejoin their group, the Sworn Six of Paladia. Raegen refused, but then Lightlord stated that she would force him to join. Sophia then intervened, saying they did not bother anyone. Seeing her, Lightlord instead threatened to kill Sophia if he did not join. Sophia told Raegen she could not bear to see him filled with pain and hatred as he had once been, and made him promise that he would not join the Sworn Six. Angered, Lightlord pushed her aside and battled Raegen until he fell to his knees.

To protect Raegen, Sophia then intercepted Lightlord's blast and was fatally injured. Lightlord, immediately regretting the attack, backed away. Raegen lifted Sophia and carried her home. In her last moments, she asked Raegen to make sure Rain and Lasswell were ready for what was coming, and made him promise to put her memories of her into crystal so that he could show her vision to their sons when they had grown. He accepted and Sophia thanked him. In turn, Raegen thanked her, complimenting her as the "best woman he ever knew" and a "wonderful mother" to Rain and Lasswell.

Ragen brought her body home, where Rain was waiting for her. He told him that Sophia was dead, and that he was responsible for her passing. Afterwards, he disappeared in search of Frostlord's armor to be able to fight the Veritas evenly, whereas Rain and Lasswell joined the Royal Guard. The three meet again at a time when Lapis faces imminent destruction. It is at the Land of the Crystals that Raegen shows them Sophia's vision as promised, so that she may have one last look at Rain and Lasswell.

Shortly before departing for Paladia in search of Rain, Raegen visits their house and leaves her favourite flower. Later on, Lasswell comes alone and promises to bring Rain back, while calling her "Mother" for the first time.

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Sophia, Greek for wisdom, is a central idea in Hellenistic philosophy and religion, Platonism, Gnosticism, Orthodox Christianity, Esoteric Christianity, as well as Christian mysticism, and is commonly represented as a goddess. Sophia is also a primary deity in Gnosticism.

As a feminine given name of Greek origin, Sophia retains the meaning of "wisdom", with variant names Sofia and Sophie among others in Western culture.