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Somersault is Tifa's second level 1 Limit in Final Fantasy VII. It is a physical attack on a random single target that strikes for 1.375 times Tifa's normal damage. If the slot reel lands on a "Yeah!" it is a guaranteed critical hit, approximately doubling its power, but if it lands on a "Miss" the attack will not be performed. Somersault is the second in a combo of up to seven attacks, following directly after Beat Rush, her first level 1 Limit Break.

Somersault is performed by Tifa jumping towards an enemy, landing her right foot on them, and then performing a somersault backflip on them, dealing damage.


Somersault is obtained by performing Beat Rush nine times. Tifa can speed this up by equipping the Cover Materia, causing her to take more damage in battle and thus use the ability more often. An easy way to acquire Somersault early on is at Sector 4's Train Tunnel, where a series of battles can be repeated if the party runs far back enough. Tifa can continuously fight these battles if healed up often, giving her many opportunities to use Somersault.

Because Somersault is used in a combo with Beat Rush, obtaining Somersault is a straight upgrade to Tifa's existing Limit Break rather than simply providing her another option. It is ideal to obtain it as soon as possible, giving her the potential to deal more damage than any other level 1 Limit Break.


Somersault is a single physical attack, performed directly after Beat Rush, that deals 1.325 times Tifa's normal damage. It is a normal attack if the reel lands on a "Hit", or a guaranteed critical hit if it lands on a "Yeah!", but is skipped entirely if a the player lands on a "Miss".

Somersault's damage is based on Tifa's Strength stat and her currently equipped weapon. Somersault has a chance to miss, and the "Miss" reels are adjacent to the "Yeah!", but it is easy to score a simple "Hit" with. Those who wish to maximize Tifa's damage output can practice performing a "Yeah!" consistently with Somersault, but simply performing a "Hit" can still deal decent damage.

Once Somersault is obtained, it is used in a combo with Beat Rush. Combined, if the player lands a "Yeah!" with both attacks, the combo can deal more damage to a single enemy in one turn than any other level 1 Limit Break is capable of, and the attacks provide her a chance to damage two enemies in one turn, unique to Tifa at level 1 Limit. However, if Somersault misses, only Beat Rush will be performed, which is fairly weak on its own. In the hands of a player who practices with her slots, Tifa's Limit Breaks can be very effective, but otherwise they will be lackluster.

Due to how Tifa's Limit Breaks work, Somersault is always used in a combo with all of Tifa's unlocked Limit Breaks at later levels, meaning there is no reason not to equip the level 2 and above Limit Break level for her once she has it unlocked.