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Someday Never Comes is a time-limited event where Sherlotta from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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When I Awoke...:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • Sherlotta: ...Urgh...
  • Sherlotta: Where am I?
  • Sherlotta: I've never seen this forest before.
  • Sherlotta: Could this be that strange woman's doing...?
  • Sherlotta: Hmm... What to do...
  • Sherlotta: Ooh, sounds like there's someone in here! It'd be nice if it weren't a monster...

(The party faces a Behemoth)

  • Vaan: I thought we could get out of here if we kept walking, but...
  • Vaan: I guess it's no surprise we keep running into monsters.

(Vaan attacks)

  • Warrior of Light: It can't be helped if they keep blocking our path.
  • Yuffie: I'm getting sick of this!
  • Vincent: Would you prefer becoming monster food?

(Sherlotta arrives)

  • Sherlotta: So I'm not alone after all. This is great!
  • Sherlotta: I was thrown into this forest and had no idea where to go.
  • Sherlotta: ...What are you guys doing?
  • Vaan: Umm... Well...
  • Vaan: We're in the middle of a battle!

(Vaan attacks)

  • Sherlotta: Well, I can see that.
  • Sherlotta: I wanted to know what you're doing here.
  • Yuffie: This is kind of a bad time!
  • Vincent: Yuffie, stay focused. This is no time for chitchat.
  • Yuffie: Chitchat!? I'm totally fighting here!
  • Warrior of Light: Our apologies, but could we explain the situation to you later?
  • Vaan: This'll be over in a flash, so go and wait somewhere safe for us!
  • Sherlotta: Sure...
No Child Knows:
  • Warrior of Light: Is everyone alright?
  • Vaan: Yep!
  • Vaan: Sorry for the wait. Are you hurt?
  • Sherlotta: Of course not. I was just watching.
  • Sherlotta: So could you tell me now? Just what is this place?
  • Vaan: We've got some people who are better at explaining. Why don't you come to the airship with us?
  • Sherlotta: Air...ship? What's that?
  • Vaan: You don't know what an airship is? Uh, well... You'll understand once you get on.

(Sherlotta is taken aboard the airship)

  • Sherlotta: O-oh... It's...flying. I'm flying!
  • Balthier: Are they rare where you come from?
  • Sherlotta: This is the first time I've seen one! But this isn't what I came here for.
  • Sherlotta: Where did this technology come from? Just what did you have to sacrifice...?
  • Balthier: A fine question. I regrettably don't know what drives it.
  • Onion Knight: In this world, the power of our wills becomes energy. So maybe the airship is the same.
  • Sherlotta: Hmm... The power of wills...
  • Sherlotta: Well, that sure sounds suspicious! Is this some kind of religious thing...?
  • Balthier: An unknown form of power is understandably dubious.
  • Sherlotta: ...But I guess it makes sense. Feelings and wills can give birth to all kinds of power.
  • Sherlotta: There was someone I watched over for a long time...
  • Laguna: A love interest?
  • Sherlotta: No... A child.
  • Sherlotta: And whenever I thought about that child, I could do anything.
  • Sherlotta: My "feelings" had that kind of power.
  • Laguna: In that case, you need to help us defend this world in order to protect that child.
  • Sherlotta: But that kiddo's all grown up.
  • Sherlotta: My help's no longer needed.
  • Sazh: ...Don't say such sad things. Just because someone you want to protect is independent...
  • Sazh: It doesn't change the fact that they're important to you, does it?
  • Sazh: That kid may be tough, but even so... It won't change a parent's love.
  • Sherlotta: That's true, but...
  • Laguna: He's right! You should treasure those feelings.
  • Sazh: I've got the same ones, too.
  • Sazh: But if you feel the way Jecht does as a parent, then it's hard for your kid to understand...
  • Sazh: But you still want to protect them. And you'd give your life to make sure they're safe.
  • Laguna: I think you mean "go back alive" rather than "give up your life," right?
  • Laguna: For the sake of your cute little kid.
  • Sherlotta: ...Huh.
  • Sazh: Wh-what are you doing, glaring like that?
  • Sherlotta: I'm not glaring.
  • Sherlotta: I was just thinking how serious you can be compared to that hairdo of yours.
  • Sherlotta: I guess you can't judge a book by its cover.
  • Sherlotta: ...Thank you. I decided to lend you guys a hand.
  • Sherlotta: You can call me Sherlotta.
The Chronicled:
  • Chelinka: Were you summoned by Materia, too?
  • Sherlotta: ...Who's Materia?
  • Layle: A goddess who made this world. You haven't met?
  • Sherlotta: Before I met up with you guys, I was lying on my back in front of a crystal. The only person I met was this weird, self-important lady.
  • Layle: ...That's Materia.
  • Sherlotta: Oho! I didn't know she was a goddess!
  • Yuri: Did she tell you anything?
  • Sherlotta: Not really.
  • Layle: "Not really"? Didn't you talk about anything?
  • Sherlotta: She just kept talking. She was strange and I had things to do, so I decided to go home.
  • Yuri: You made it back home all on your own!?
  • Sherlotta: Well, as you can see, I'm here and not at home.
  • Sherlotta: ...But I really have to get home. I've got better things to do than this.
  • Layle: Ha! Materia's summoned a live one this time.
  • Sherlotta: ...By the way, I've been wondering. Is that a crystal on your face?
  • Layle: If you recognize this, it must mean you have them in your world, too. Can you use crystals?
  • Sherlotta: A crystal is something that's part of you.
  • Sherlotta: Now that I think about it, after I gave that kiddo the crystal, they were always together.
  • Sherlotta: Hm? Is that a crystal, too, Chelinka?
  • Yuri: It sure is.
  • Chelinka: I was born with it.
  • Sherlotta: What!? How many other worlds have crystals, too!?
  • Sherlotta: But...I see. You all have a responsibility that comes with it.
  • Sherlotta: That kiddo also had a very important role to play. All those tied to the crystals do...
  • Chelinka: I can tell this child is very special to you. What were they like?
  • Sherlotta: Do you want to know? I'm sure you do! There's so much to tell! Get comfortable!
  • Chelinka: I have a feeling this will take some time...
  • Sherlotta: I could tell you everything starting from the baby years, but...there just aren't enough hours in a day!
  • Sherlotta: Don't you have a crystal, Yuri? I can feel the same power coming from you...
  • Yuri: I'm borrowing Chelinka's powers.
  • Chelinka: Well, not quite... Without Yuri, I can't draw out the crystal's powers very well.
  • Sherlotta: Interesting... Now that you mention it, the crystal's power does flow a lot more smoothly when you two are together.
  • Sherlotta: Whenever we're together, too, I'm at my best!
  • Layle: You can't help but compete, can you?
  • Sherlotta: The crystal... Nevermind. I don't want to talk about this anymore.
  • Sherlotta: What do we have to do to go back home? Destroy the root of all evil?
  • Yuri: Unfortunately, there are lots more roots than you think. First we have to find them before we can destroy them.
  • Yuri: It's like Bartz says: if you follow where the wind blows, you'll get to the end eventually.
  • Sherlotta: But that could take ages. I want to go home sooner than that.
  • Sherlotta: I've got a kid to wake up on time, send to bathe, feed properly...
  • Sherlotta: I want to make sure everything's okay...
  • Layle: Haha. Then we'd better get a move on so you can get back sooner.
  • Yuri: It'll go even faster now with you around!
  • Sherlotta: But of course.
  • Sherlotta: ...I didn't think I needed to be so close anymore, but I want to be as much as I can.
  • Sherlotta: Alright! Thoughts of being together back home will keep me going until I get there!
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