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Everkeep, a tower of electrope piercing a perpetual shroud of storm clouds. Occupying the ninth level of this twelve-tiered structure is a residential district called Solution Nine. In so naming their home, what hopes did its founders harbor for it? And did it prove the answer they sought?

Solution Nine (ソリューション・ナイン, Soryūshon Nain?) is the ninth district of the Everkeep in Alexandria in Final Fantasy XIV. This mysterious high-tech locale acts as a city unto its own in the northern continent Xak Tural.


Solution Nine, like the rest of the Everkeep and the Kingdom of Alexandria as a whole, used to exist in a different reflection of the Source, its people surviving a calamity of lighting following the Storm Surge, a war fought over the precious resource electrope. Through the machinations of the King of Resolve and the Queen of Reason, Alexandria was fused with Yyasulani, and Solution Nine was transported alongside the Everkeep.

Behind the scenes[]

The idea of a high-tech civilization in the "New World" appears to have been planned before the introduction of Solution Nine. The Xaela tribes list posted on the official Square Enix forums in 2015 stated that the Haragin sailed east from the Azim Steppe and found a land "covered in massive grey monoliths and inhabited by fire-breathing steel demons". While the land found by the Haragin cannot be Solution Nine as it was not present in the Source at the time, it could have served as inspiration.


The name of Solution Nine originates from Final Fantasy IX where Solution 9 is one of Zidane Tribal's Trance-abilities.