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Soljashy (ソルジャッシー, Sorujasshī?) is one of the antagonists in Final Fantasy: Unlimited After. He would serve the Gaudium in their bid to conquer worlds.


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Wonderland's Consultant, he was formerly Dolk of the C2 Organization, the agency that sent Lisa searching for the Hayakawa professors. He and Lisa were once in love, but he has been captured by Herba and now works for Chaos as Soljashy. He fights by sticking his business cards onto objects, transforming them into monsters.

Despite everyone's attempts to restore Soljashy to his former self, the man who was once Dolk is no more — Soljashy is merely a parasitic entity using Dolk's body and feeding on the man's life. The real Soljashy is the briefcase his host carried. Soljashy is charged with the task of having Ai and Yu assume their "rightful" positions as the Chaos Rulers by any means needed, even using those they care about to his advantage.

He succeeds in making Gaudium and Chaos a beacon of hope and light for those in despair, winning the loyalty of most of the world while promoting egotism for Chaos to feed. However, he is mortally wounded by Makenshi and blasted by Kaze. Dolk is freed, though on the brink of death due to Soljashy taking most of his life. Kaze kills Dolk despite Lisa's pleas. Dolk becomes the soil Chain Gold.

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