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Solemn Trinity is a guildhest in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Set near Saint Coinach's Find in Mor Dhona, this duty is likely the first players will encounter that requires a full of party of eight, and is designed to teach how to divide forces to deal with multiple waves of enemies.


There are three groups of feuding gigants: hecatoncheirs, giants, and gigas. The goal is to eliminate their leaders while keeping them from destroying the three Allagan artifacts in the area. If all three artifacts are destroyed, the duty will fail. Initially, the Gigas leader Crius Longbeard appears at the end of the second phase, and will summon reinforcements. Shortly after he is defeated, the other two groups will appear with their leaders: Eurytos of the giants and Aegaeon of the Bone of the hecatoncheirs. Each tank must keep them separate while DPS gradually whittles them down. Once all leaders are defeated, and remaining gigants must be slain to complete the guildhest.


  • Crius Longbeard
    • Gigas Bonze
    • Gigas Shramana
    • Gigas Sozu
  • Eurytos
    • Dragonfly Chaser
    • Giant Drubber
    • Giant Ripper
  • Aegaeon of the Bone
    • Hecatoncheir Hellhowler
    • Hecatoncheir Shieldrummer
    • Hecatoncheir Skullsplitter
    • Hecatoncheir Spineslicer


  • Allagan Artifact (object)