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Soldier Wasp is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Malmalam Thicket in Cleigne and during the Deadly Extermination Hunt. The hunt variant also appears in the area outside Pitioss Ruins only accessed via Regalia Type-F.


Large winged insect living in the Malmalam Thicket. Although visually similar to the killer wasp, this subspecies is infinitely more ferocious. Despite its violent nature, the soldier wasp has yet to be designated as a threat due to the limited scope of its habitat.
Size: 12.76 ft. Weight: 657.2 lb.
Soldier wasp variant that resides around the Rock of Ravatogh. Perhaps out of frustration due to the lack of prey, this subspecies exhibits stronger violent tendencies than its counterpart in the Malmalam Thicket. Fearful of harm done to their homes, some civilians living in the area have called in extermination requests.
Size: 13.15 ft. Weight: 658.0 lb.


Deadly ExterminationVerinas Mart - Ravatogh1
Red Hunt Icon
Soldier Wasp x3, Killer Wasp x3Ravatoghan Trail (All Times)376,440 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★





The size of 'em.


The wasps are weak to polearms, daggers and ice. They resist lightning and light. They may confuse the party with the puff of smoke they emit, reversing the player's controls and randomizing Noctis's weapon when playing as him (the weapon randomizer never picks magic). The wasps attack quickly and relentlessly and their attacks easily knock Noctis down. The attack where they hit the player with their front legs can be blocked and parried. When made vulnerable, the wasps lie on their backs on the ground, being helpless for a time.


Protection against Confusion helps, with accessories, food buffs or the Magitek Exosuit. The player can also bring Smelling Salts and pop one as soon as they become confused. Using ice elemancy on the swarms of them works well. It is best not to get caught in the middle of the swarm or Noctis will be continually falling over.


A soldier is one who fights as part of an organised, land based, sea based and air based armed force. A soldier can be an enlisted person, a non-commissioned officer, or an officer in the Army.

A wasp is any insect of the order Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita that is neither a bee nor an ant.

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