VIICC wiki icon Soldier Points, generally abbreviated as SP, are a special kind of stat found only in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. It is a SOLDIER's accumulation of pure Mako within their body.

The player gains Soldier Points when defeating enemies, or by using the "Convert to SP" function in the Materia inventory screen. These points are then used to spin the DMW, at the cost of 10 SP per each spin; as well as to create and boost Materia through the Materia Fusion process. Though enemies bear their own base SP reward in battle, chaining successful kills in battles with multiple enemies without being hurt after the first will allow gained Soldier Points to multiply and stack.

If afflicted with the Curse status effect, the player will continue to accumulate SP, but will not be able to spin the DMW. In the event that the player has less than 10 SP left, the DMW will stop spinning. Materia Fusion will not take place if the player has insufficient SP.

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