Solara Aldercapt Antiquum, nickname Sol, is a supporting character in Final Fantasy XV -The Dawn of the Future- introduced in Aranea's part as an eight-year-old girl, but plays the important role during Lunafreya's part ten years later. Solara does not appear in the main game Final Fantasy XV.



As a child, Solara wears a white short-sleeved knee-length dress with a black hem and a red ribbon tied around her waist. Her dress includes imperial emblems. She has dark hair in a bob cut.

As an adult, Solara wears a military get-up while on a mission similar to her compatriots, covered with a white wrap. She now has long dark hair. Her weapon of choice is a shotgun.


Solara likely had an aristocratic upbringing before being taken into Aranea's care. She is courageous, offering to fight for herself even as a child, and this aspect of her reminds Aranea of own young self. Before that she was quite religious, worshiping the Astrals.

Raised by Aranea during the long night, Solara grew into a rebellious teenager who feels she doesn't need to be treated like a child. She learned to fight daemons and joined the remnants of the Niflheim army. She is not afraid to explore distant locations swarming with daemons alone. She is curious, and after feeling mankind was betrayed by the Astrals, no longer worships them. She believes in one's individual agency and also inspires others to think for themselves.


Solara is a capable fighter, having been trained by Aranea, Biggs and Wedge. She wields a shotgun and various other weapons to fight daemons and drives an unreliable motorcycle she calls "Regina."


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Loqi entrusts Solara to Aranea's care.

Solara is the secret granddaughter of Emperor Aldercapt, the daughter of his late son who fell in battle. Officially, the emperor has no heir. As the emperor is dying of the Starscourge, Chancellor Izunia unleashes daemons, rogue magitek troopers and a Diamond Weapons upon the capital, declaring it the end of the empire. On special orders from the emperor himself, Brigadier General Loqi Tummelt evacuates the eight-year-old Solara in his magitek armor. They run into Aranea, whose Airborne Unit is taking everyone to safety in Tenebrae. Loqi entrusts Solara to Aranea and stays to hold back a horde of daemons. Aranea takes Solara to the refugee train bound for Tenebrae, before heading off to destroy the Diamond Weapon.

Once they all make it to Tenebrae, Aranea learns of Solara's true identity. She raises the girl alongside her trusted subordinates, Biggs and Wedge, as Eos is plunged into eternal night in wait for the salvation of the True King.

Ten years later, the eighteen-year-old Solara is stubbornly working alone, detesting that Aranea, Biggs and Wedge would still try to protect her. She has become a capable daemon hunter under the trio's tutelage, and roams the former imperial lands alone when she meets a strange woman who claims to be Lady Lunafreya, the last Oracle who died ten years ago. Lunafreya explains she has been revived by Bahamut for a new calling: go to Insomnia and defeat Ardyn.

Solara is skeptical of the gods and dislikes how Lunafreya puts her trust in them, her devotion reminding Solara on how the imperial citizens' blind following of the empire led to its downfall. She tells Lunafreya to make her own decisions and decide what she wants out of life for personal reasons, but Lunafreya feels her new life is on loan from Bahamut who would take it away if she did not follow through with her new mission.

Solara begins to help Lunafreya get to a port so they can get to Lucis, but her motorbike is unreliable and they need to make frequent stops. They are also slowed down by daemons, which Lunafreya keeps absorbing into her own body as per her new divine powers; however, this is slowly turning her into a daemon. Solara wonders if killing Lunafreya before she turns would be the kindest option, but Lunafreya deems she may need to become a monster herself to fight others of her kind. Solara's criticism of the gods rubs off on Lunafreya during their talks. When Solara reveals her heritage, Lunafreya doesn't care even if the empire had murdered her mother.

They learn Aranea has become trapped in ancient ruins and is surrounded by daemons. She has ordered the ruins sealed with no rescue attempts. Solara heads to save her anyway, and Lunafreya wants to help her out of her own free will. Lunafreya is familiar with the ruins due to her Oracle training, and they find a secret way in. After destroying the Sapphire Weapon that lay hidden in the ruins, they spot a daemonified Aranea: she had asked the ruins sealed after she had already begun to turn. Lunafreya uses her power to revert Aranea's transformation, but turns into a daemon herself. Solara protects the still-sentient Lunafreya when Aranea attacks her, deeming the daemon-Lunafreya a danger to Solara. Lunafreya is bound and taken to Lestallum as a captive, where she learns of Bahamut's true intentions from a dream.

Solara and Aranea cooperate to free Lunafreya and Solara takes her to Insomnia on her motorbike. She waits for Noctis at Galdin Quay, and meets him after he awakens and begins to follow Lunafreya's trail. She fills him in on what transpired during his decade-long absence, and takes him to Hammerhead. Sol feels guilty Lunafreya became a daemon because she had asked her to save Aranea, but Noctis reassures that Luna wanted to help out of her own will. Noctis opts to not wait for his friends, and instead head straight to the Citadel to save his beloved, having learned from Sol that Lunafreya's mission is to fight Ardyn. Sol teams up with Aranea, Biggs and Wedge, and the four arrive on an airship to help Noctis and his reunited retinue as Bahamut lifts the Citadel building into the air to take the Crystal and throne out of reach.

Their airship crashlands onto the flying Citadel's plaza when they are rammed by a smaller version of Bahamut whom the deity has summoned to his aid to cast Teraflare. Sol, Aranea, Biggs and Wedge stay behind to repair the airship so they can escape once all is over, while Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto continue on. In the end, Noctis saves Lunafreya and cooperates with Ardyn to kill Bahamut and the Citadel building begins to fall from the sky. Titan, one of the Astrals aiding Noctis, saves everyone by catching the building and everyone jumps onto his hand as the building crumbles. Everyone witnesses the break of dawn together as the Astrals and the Crystal vanish from Eos.

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Sol is the Latin and Spanish name of the main-sequence star of the synonymous Sol System, called the Sun in English.

Antiquum comes from the Latin antiquus, meaning "ancient."

"Aldercapt" is from the Aldercapt dynasty that has ruled Niflheim since its founding. The dynasty's goal has always been the revival of the ancient civilization of Solheim.


  • What happened to Solara in the canon storyline is unknown, as she is never mentioned outside of Dawn of the Future.

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