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Sol Racht during first meeting.

Sol Racht is a Lilty from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. He is the leader of the Alfitaria Caravan. He tells the player(s) of the Black Knight, and is one of the first characters met in the game. It is also known that he had a child, and quit the caravan to take care of it (its gender is never given, however).

He looks down upon non-Lilty tribes as evidenced by how he worries over caravans traveling without Lilties as insecure, concern that veils his nostalgia for the time of Lilty Rule, as shown in the diary entry when the adventurer that encounters him is a Lilty himself.


Sol is the Latin and Spanish name of the main-sequence star of the synonymous Sol System, called the Sun in English.

Racht is the Irish word for "anger", "passion", "violence", or "fit of anger".

The full name, Sol Racht, could essentially mean "The Sun's Rage".

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