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Sol is an important character from Final Fantasy Legend III. In the Japanese version, Sol is God.



Sol looks very old, having a long white beard, bushy white hair, and wearing a flowing light blue clothes with a red cape. Wielding a golden scepter with a pair of golden gloves and golden boots.


Sol is self sacrificing, struggling to keep the Xagor's soul within himself to prevent it from taking over himself. Sol ask the party to kill Sol in an attempt to stop Xagor from escaping. Despite their efforts, Xagor succeeds and materializes. Sol reappears to them and thanks them, informing the party that he will destroy the Water Entity with his final breath and with its destruction, Sol dies.


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Sol, the Ruler of the World, was the builder of the Talon, a space-time battle cruiser. After a battle that threatened whole universe, Sol returned to Pureland with one last task to perform. He divided the internal mechanisms of the Talon into 13 Units. Using his last ounce of energy, Sol simply willed the Units to various historical times and places on the World and Pureland. Having finished his work, Sol sank into a deep, deep slumber.

Sol rules over the World from Floatland. The citizen of the World know that Sol is the only one who can stop the Water Entity, but he has been asleep for a very long time. He ends up being taken to Pureland and is imprisoned in Xagor's Castle, and Xagor tries to possess him. When Arthur arrives at the top of the castle, Sol pleas to him to kill him while he's holding Xagor's soul.

Sol doesn't attack the party during battle, but tells the party to hurry as he won't be able to hold on to Xagor's soul for much longer. Xagor appear before the party during battle, claiming to have defeated Sol.

After Xagor's defeat, Sol reappears and thanks Arthur. He informs the party that he will destroy the Water Entity with his final breath and with its destruction, Sol dies.

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The fight against Sol is straight forward and easy, he doesn't attack the party so the player can use this time to increase their stats with Fast and Shell all they like. After a period of time, Xagor will merge with Sol.

Even if Sol doesn't attack the party, he's got a list of abilities at his disposal. Psych, Storm, Sneer, and CursSong. He's immune to all status ailments except Fell and weak against Mystic.



Sol is the Latin and Spanish name of the main-sequence star of the synonymous Sol System, called the Sun in English.