Sol is a major antagonist in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A member of Hess' Eight Sages, he serves as the final antagonist nearing the end of Season One, and a recurring opponent and supportive character in Season Two. He debuts in the Pharm chapter.

Conceptually, he serves as Rain's foil and arch-nemesis, being his exact opposite and seeking to destroy him, finding joy in this conflict.



Sol is an ethereal and intimidating being. While traveling he wears a long white cloak that covers the entirety of his body and hides his face. He removes the cloak for combat, revealing his body wrapped in complex robes. His flesh is translucent, revealing his skeleton, save his face and extremities, which are pale white. He wears a pair of golden open-toe sandals. He is wrapped in multi-layered white and blue robes and wears numerous golden beads. His head is wreathed by an ornamental golden halo accessory with a red jewel at the center. He wears a horned helmet that appears to be made out of the skull of an animal. The interior of his cloak reveals an ever-shifting spacial void, a result of the dark magical power he emanates, which has absorbed into the very fabric.


Sol is a complex individual, largely due to being born without emotions. This makes him somewhat curious to his surroundings as he tries to find ways to be able to truly feel something. While unable to feel things properly, he has logical and rational understanding of emotions like sadness or anger. Raegen he was kind and studious prior to his sealing. When the war between Aldore and Hess waged out, Sol tried to use the war as the perfect context to be able to draw out his emotions.

After being sealed in Crystal, Sol let the worst of human emotions to consume him as he could feel the anger, sorrow, hatred and pain caused by seven centuries worth of conflict in Lapis. This warped him for the worst making him a nihilist sociopath with morbidly misanthropic views and wanted to destroy all of existence to purge humanity's meaningless existence in his view. For this very reason, Sol detests Rain and everything he stands for, as the young man embodies compassion, selflessness, justice and warm ideals, concepts that Sol finds disgusting and thus sets himself to serve as Rain's foil, standing in absolute opposition to him and finding malignant joy in this conflict.

Although evidently hostile and insange, Akstar believes that for better or worse, Sol's intentions are pure and that Sol is a good person at heart. Sol has shown to be not entirely malignant, but has shown to be snarky and sarcastic, as when he called the Phoenix a "bird, with feathers, made of fire" when asked for details about it. After spending times with the party, Sol becomes far less antagonistic towards them, and while keeping them at arm's length, he does offer some support on his own way from time to time. After he joins Hyoh on his quest, he is able to experience genuinely more positive emotions like gratitude and joy. He becomes more socially aware and tries to cheer Hyoh after his soup turned disastrous, and is even able to play pranks by tricking others into thinking the soup is delicious.


Season One

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Sol lived in the world of Paladia. When Hess attempted to achieve independence from the rest of the world through Visionary Magicks, Aldore refused, inciting a war between the two factions. Sol chose to be loyal to Hess and became one of its Eight Sages and a major lieutenant.

As the original Veritas of the Dark of Aldore enacted his plan to seal the Sages in Crystal to start negotiations, Sol was defeated and sealed himself. The Sworn Eight of Paladia were betrayed by Aldore and transported, along with the large landmass of the battlefield with inhabitants from both parties, to the world of Lapis. Sol was transported inside the Crystal where he spent several centuries, corroding his nature. The now renamed Sworn Six destroy the Crystals to achieve their revenge, and Sol is thus freed, now with a desire to end life.

Rain and his party meet Sol in Pharm along with the Behemoth K after the new Veritas of the Dark is defeated. He destroys the Dark Crystal, leaving the party flabbergasted. Both Dark Fina and Raegen recognize Sol who begins to voice his disgust of life, calling the party unsightly and blasts them with Holy. After the Behemoth ambushes and kills the Darklord, Sol departs with the beast to the Land of the Crystals to enact his plans.

As the two Sages make their way to the top, they are spotted by Rain's party, trying to ambush them. Fina collapses, giving away their cover. Sol summons visions of monsters to deal with the party as Veritas of the Light and Veritas of the Waters appear to assist Rain's party.

The party catches up to the Sages a second time. Sol summons more visions and orders the Behemoth to take care of them while he escapes. The Behemoth proves a tough obstacle so the two members of the Sworn Six teleport away with it so Rain's party can progress. Sol is intercepted once more, but cuts the party away with a powerful seal exclusive to the Sages. He taunts them to sit and watch the destruction that is to come. Dark Fina uses the Sacred Ring of Paladia to transform into a Crystal to keep the Gate from pulling the world apart, sparing Fina as she is given Dark Fina's Sage power.

The party finds Sol at the top of the tower as he begins to prepare his ultimate plan. Fina argues against his beliefs that life is ugly. Sol tells her to wait to test if she will still think the same, as both parties battle. Sol proves a difficult opponent, but is defeated. Before the party can celebrate, Sol's ultimate weapon, the Chaotic Darkness, is summoned. He explains that the monster before them is the vision of centuries' worth of dark emotions and memories accumulated as a result of multiple conflicts, summoned by him. He asks Fina again if she believes that the hearts of people are beautiful, claiming that this evil is the true heart of humanity. He orders the monster to lay waste to all life in both Paladia and Lapis.

As the party pursues the Chaotic Darkness, Sol faces them. The party fights him to prove that sentiments like love also exist and triumph over hatred. Sol is defeated, but gloats that he was proven right as the party's faces now display anger and repulsion, making him believe that he was defeated by hatred. Rain states he doesn't hate Sol, but rather his inability to understand the Sage through battle as he could with the Sworn Six of Paladia. Sol is repulsed by Rain and vows to kill him as he disappears.

After the Chaotic Darkness is defeated Raegen and Rain use their Aldorian power to close the Gate. Sol attempts to use his own life to force it open, but Rain clashes with him and both disappear while leaving Rain's sword, the Crimson Saber, behind.

Season Two

Georl and Gungan

Sol finds himself back in Paladia, his homeworld. He can sense Rain's presence, nauseated that his aura is still brimming with noble intentions. Determining that the two of them are simply irreconcilable, he intends to find the young knight and kill him for symbolizing the things that he despises the most.

Rain's adopted brother, Lasswell, ventures to Paladia with the Sworn Six and their other friends to find Rain. They find Sol in Gungan in the Natura's Forbidden Land. Sol declares his intention to kill Rain, and Lasswell attempts to strike him down, but Akstar advises against this as Sol was preparing to counter and kill Lasswell on the spot. When the party accuses Sol of desertifying the land, he denies involvement, and explains that it is a natural phenomenon as the Crystals sustaining the land have reached the end of their lifespan. Reaffirming his goal to find Rain, Sol declares he will accompany the party. Lasswell agrees, as it will allow them to observe Sol, but makes it clear he's not to act without permission. Sol disagrees with taking orders, but agrees to exercise restraint.

They return to the Natura homeland where King Yasha prepares for war against the Shibyra with the party reluctantly joining the battle. Raegen, who along the Sworn Six of Paladia is aiding the Shibyra, proposes a single combat to avoid bloodshed. Sol elects to fight much to Raegen's surprise, but Lasswell goes instead. Sol allows it since he believes watching father and son fight will be amusing. Raegen and Lasswell explain each other's circumstances and fight to the best of their ability to calm both sides. Sol, engaged by the battle, states he would have wanted to go after all, but Fina tells him that the reason the battle is captivating is because it is Raegen and Lasswell fighting.

The combatants calm the ire of both sides and convince them to a ceasefire to allow them to catch the culprit trying to plunge Gungan into war. Sol returns to the Natura Capital with the party where he talks with Sieghard, one of the Sworn Six who used to serve Aldore. When he flaunts his beauty at Sol, the Sage proposes that he kill him and make his death even more beautiful, an idea that Sieghard finds appealing.

Sol accompanies the party to chase after Nazuu, the perpetrator behind the attempts to destroy Gungan. Though he does not take part in the battle, he sticks with the party after they defeat the Orders' Battle Star and the peace treaty is signed at last. Lasswell's party and the Sworn Six split afterwards to keep with their respective goals.


Lasswell's party travels to Crystallis upon Sol's guidance as he can feel Rain's presence there. Sol taunts Lasswell by claiming that he can understand Rain much better due to being Rain's polar opposite, which is why he can sense him. They find a cave full of sand where Lid trips and drops her gil. Sol finds her attachment to money ridiculous and goes on ahead. Lasswell and Akstar spar and Lasswell lands a hit, a sign of improvement. Sol interferes, wanting to face Akstar himself. Lasswell decides to join as well. During the fight Akstar overpowers Sol who decides to make Akstar a target for him as well. As Sol leaves, Akstar says to Lasswell that that despite Sol being an enemy, he has pure intentions and is a good person at heart.

At the Kappa Village the party learns that the Kappa are feeling weaker as a result of the Barrier Station nearby. Potchi, a girl and a friend of the Kappas, requests their help. Lasswell proposes they deactivate the facility and Sol agrees since he can feel Rain in there. On the way, Akstar nickmames Sol as "Solly" (Sol-Nyan in the Japanese version) because he was like a cat, as opposed to "Lassie" (Lasswell) being like a dog. Sol was extremely annoyed at this nickname and became angrier the more it was used by the party.

Once the party shuts down the station Sol rushes to Rain and comes across Hyoh, the Orders' fourth strongest Battle Star. Sol, declaring that Hyoh is Rain, attacks, but is overpowered and both fall from a cliff. Sol is left unconscious and flashes back to his life as a Sage of Hess as he wakes up and resumes his search.

The party finds both Sol and Hyoh, and Lasswell realizes that there is some truth to Sol's belief that Hyoh is, indeed, Rain. Hyoh refutes the claim and strikes Fina in cold blood with the wound crystallizing and the party teleports away. Sol, still in company of the party, follows Potchi to a facility where the Crystal is transformed into sand, which she believes can be used to heal Fina. As Sol believes that Hyoh is inside the facility, Lasswell proceeds. They encounter Nagi, a member of the Orders who is fascinated with Hyoh and wants to defeat the party on his behalf. She fails and Hyoh appears, telling Nagi to stand back. Lasswell challenges Hyoh with Sol agreeing as he has not recovered fully and plans to strike when they are at their weakest. The two duel and Lasswell comes to believe Hyoh is indeed Rain. They clash and Lasswell overpowers Hyoh with his new Mirror of Equity, fragmenting his mask. Lasswell wants Hyoh to admit his identity but he sends him flying with an attack and escapes with Nagi.

As the party continues their way Sol remains with the party, until they meet with "Hyoh" (in truth, Nagi under a disguise who powered up through special drugs) once more who overpowers all of them with a flurry of magical attacks that send Akstar and Sol flying and the rest in a weakened position. Before "Hyoh" can deal the finishing blow, he is defeated by none other than Rain himself and disappears.

Rain is greeted by the party and notices Sol who is ready to fight him. Lasswell tried to return him the Crimson Saber but Rain tells him to keep it longer. Sol tries to attack Rain but stops as he feels that Rain has changed. The party agrees to go to Visectrum to enter the Order of Aldore tournament to become the Alpha Star and change Aldore from within. During the night Akstar questions Sol being on his own while the rest celebrated. Sol claimed he wasn't as foolish like them while hinting to Akstar that he knew he was hiding something.

Visectrum and Magistellus

As the party enters the preliminaries of the Order of Aldore, their team is sent to travel through checkpoints. On the way, Sol briefly clashed with Rain, with the former sensing something amiss with the latter and deeming him unfit to destroy at the moment. Rain was enraged at his cryptical assumptions. Being required to defeat other contestants in order to qualify, the party reaches their next checkpoint 1 point short their requirement. Before they backtrack, Sol offers his own "solution" to the problem by assaulting the checkpoint guard and deeming him their last point. The party was outraged at his recklessness that would obviously disqualify them but Demoldoa of the Epsilon Star uses his authority to allow them to pass as he wants to crush their rebellion in public.

Sol then rushes on his own with a crystal on his hand with the party in hot pursuit. Sol reaches a cliff where he uses the crystal to summon the Chaotic Darkness. The party defeats it as it wasn't as strong as the one they faced in Lapis as Sol reveals he used weaker ingredients. Rain shows his anger towards Sol which the latter enjoys as seeing the old Rain back. Sol departs the party as he carries his own plans.

Eventually, Sol reaches Town of Lament Sacher sensing that Rain was there. He uses his magic powers to witness visions of the events that took place in the town, and learns about the tragedy that caused Rain's conversion into Hyoh.

Eventually he meets with the party in the town, and realizes that Rain is not with them. Sakura reveals that Hyoh was Rain as Sol had believed. Unsurprised, Sol decides to share his knowledge with the party about the massacre of Sacher which caused Rain's change, with the party learning Rain's motives for his drastic measures. Lasswell thanks Sol for telling them the truth, and Sol departs to find Rain.


When the factions of Aldore and Hess wage war for control of the Weapon, Hyoh is separated from the rest of the Orders due to the environment. While surrounded by crystalized monsters, Sol appears to save Hyoh from his predicament. Surprised Hyoh rejects Sol's interference, distrusting him. Sol, however, fights alongside Hyoh and makes a proposal, to join forces to destroy the Aldore Emperor and settle their score after Rain becomes Aldore's new leader. Hyoh refuses but Sol nonetheless accompanies him.

The two witness the Weapon's activation as the two of them make their way to reach it. On the way, they are assaulted by a multitude of monsters with the two being forced back to back, with Hyoh displeased and distrustful. As the two fight to drive out the monsters, Sol is forced to restore his magical power, so Hyoh is left off fending monsters while Sol recharges. Eventually the two of them save one another, which causes Sol to experience warmer emotions and remember his time with the Sages of Hess. Sol, then heals Hyoh while expressing gratitude, leaving Hyoh surprised.

The two take a rest to regain their strength as Hyoh cooks soup for both of them. Sol is amused that Hyoh would cook for him and digs in, but finds the soup to be an utter disaster, which Hyoh doesn't believe until he confirms it. Sol believes the hardly edible ingredients are partially to blame and nonetheless decides to finish it until the end. They are then met by Sakura and Nichol who deserted the Orders after learning of the Emperor's true ambition which they share with the two of them. Sol then proposes they form a party to defeat the Emperor. Hyoh refuses as he claims this is his fight alone as the heir to Aldore, so Sol circumvents him by saying they'll follow him on their own volition, leaving no room for Hyoh to protest. To celebrate the "party's formation" Sol offers them a sample of Hyoh's soup which he deems to be fantastic. Sakura is thrilled as she senses it smells well enough to taste, only for her to immediately puke in repulsion. Hyoh is annoyed at Sol for his misleading statements.

On the way to intercept the Emperor, the party questions Rain on how he became a member of the Orders. He explains that after the events of Sacher, he tried a failed assassination attempt, and became a member of the Orders by the Emperor's urging. Knowing he could not defeat him, Rain accepted. He then elaborates on how Dark Fina taught him a Spellblade technique to crystalize Fina's wound, so as to not endanger her life and show "proof" of his detachment to the Emperor.

Their party arrives just in time to save Raegen's party from destruction at the hands of the Emperor and the Exostars. Hyoh and Sol display perfect coordination that leaves everyone amazed, and the Emperor weakened. Sol tries to summon the Chaotic Darkness, and the Emperor retreats knowing he's in danger. Ignacio is angered he tried to summon that monstrosity but Hyoh reveals it was only a bluff to force the Emperor to use all his power and leave himself susceptible to attack. The party is surprised that the two of them can understand each other so well.

Hyoh and Sol pursue the Emperor knowing he has to be weakened. As they reach him, the Emperor summons more Exostars but they are easily destroyed. The Emperor then decides to use the power he had stored to control the weapon in order to face the duo. Sol, however proves to be able to keep his magic power at bay. Sol and Hyoh team up and give the Emperor a sound beating, with the latter regretful to have allowed Hyoh to live. Before Hyoh can finish him, Levnato interferes and unleashes a powerful magic attack only for Sol to take the blow for Hyoh, as Levnato teleports away with the Emperor.

Hyoh cradles Sol in his arms and tries to heal him but Sol says it is futile and that he will die. He says that he has finally destroyed the one thing he hated the most for the longest, his own self devoid of emotions as he was able to experience real emotions of his own. He tells Hyoh to not lose his way and soon passes away, making him the last of the Sages to die.

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Playable character

Sol debuts as a unit in the Japanese version as a Magic Damage unit. He has a base rarity of 5★ and can be upgraded to 7★. Sol can equip Daggers, Staves, Rods, Instruments, Maces, Light Shields, Hats, Helmets, Clothing, Light Armor, Robes, and Accessories. He can learn White, Black and Green Magic up to Lvl 8.

Sol is a powerful Magic Damage unit with a Focus on the Fire, Light and Dark elements. He can chain for all of them (with frames that match Trance Terra's Chaos Wave families) being able to imperil these elements by 75% to enemies, or stack damage on them. He also has a few non-elemental abilities, one of them from the Aureole Ray family, allowing for big chains. He can Dualcast these abilities and can even unlock Triple- and Quadcast through different means.

He has supportive abilities that boost his MAG and/or debuff enemies' SPR stat. He can bestow elemental resistance to the aforementioned elements and Dualcast spells and comes with the likes of Reflect and Dispelga, making him utilitarian.

Sol's passives grant him major MAG boosts as well as Dual Wield and True Dual Wield boosts. He also gains a respectable amount of HP/MP. If combined with his own Super Trust Reward, his MP consumption is even less and he gains even larger MAG boost, making him remarkably stronger at little cost.

His Limit Burst, Chaotic Darkness, deals major damage and unlocks more potent multi-casting; if chained with a copy, it can be a used as a reliable source of damage.


FFBE Sol Sprite.png

Sol is a recurring opponent in both Season One and Two. He's a difficult boss who abuses various spells. He always begins by casting Reflect and Sage's Wisdom on himself and Imperilga on the party (before the updates, this was a Preemptive Strike). Sage's Wisdom is a stat buff that will boost his damage output if not handled. On every turn after that he will cast Dispelga on the party, regardless of whether he attacks or not. Later on he uses Execution, which damages the party and inflicts an ATK/MAG debuff.

He uses several spells, mostly Light-elemental, but can also use multiple Ja-tier spells in quick succession. After losing some of his HP he uses Ultima for devastating damage. When weakened he can cast Curaga on himself to restore as much as 40% of his HP back. At times he will use Dispelga, Imperilga and Execution in that order.

Sol has several thousand HP (usually 500,000 and above), increased resistance to all elements (+50%) except Light (+200%) and Dark (0%), and is immune to all status ailments. He is, however vulnerable to Stat Breaks.

Sol was briefly nerfed, but as of the Realm of the Dragon King update, he is back at full power although this is only true for the first fight.


The player should not attempt to use elemental attacks unless they are Dark or able to inflict elemental imperils that nullify or bypass Sol's defenses. Light is meaningless by nearly any measure as his resistance is too high (even if equipping weapons of multiple elements). Non-elemental and Dark attacks are the most reliable way to damage Sol. Since he has high HP, building a chain and capping it with a strong finisher is viable.

Buffs are not necessarily useless as they can be used to increase damage output, although they will soon be gone. If the player has Celes or uses the Manufacted Nethicite, they can keep Dispelga at bay since it will always be the first action Sol performs (however, they should use the Magic Absorption as the last move or it may absorb the player's own spells). Debuffs are another option as Sol cannot Dispel them off himself, but they should be focused on decreasing his MAG and defensive stats.

Since Sol's strongest attacks are magical, Tanks will be useless, although Damage Reduction abilities will still work, provided the player can keep Dispelga at bay.


Sol is the Latin and Spanish name of the main-sequence star of the synonymous Sol System, called the Sun in English.


  • Sol is infamous among Japanese version players, as he was considered abnormally difficult for a storyline battle. He was subsequently nerfed along with the Behemoth K and the Chaotic Darkness. This infamy reached the Global version with many players expressing just as much frustration. He was subsequently nerfed, but as of the Realm of the Dragon King update, Sol is back at full strength.
  • As stated by developers, Sol was intended to have a CG-animated Limit Burst, but this was ultimately scrapped because his visage was deemed too grotesque to be fully displayed.
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