Template:Character Sol is a major antagonist in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and a member of Hess' Eight Sages serving as the final antagonist nearing the end of season one, and a recurring opponent (later, party member) in season two. He debuts in the Pharm chapter.



While traveling Sol wears a long white cloak that covers the entirety of his body while leaving his face hidden. He removes this cloak for combat, revealing a ghastly pale skin, wrapped in several complex robes. His legs, upper body and arms feature a tight clothing with a skeletal pattern, showing bones on his legs and arms, and a ribcage pattern on his torso.

He wears a pair of golden sandals on his legs that leave the tips of his toes revealed. His upper section is wrapped under multi-layered robes with long, widened blueish sleeves on his arms and a circular pattern of golden beads below his neck. His head is surrounded by a strange golden circular accessory with what appears to be a hilt at the top with a red jewel at the center. On the top of his head is a horned helmet with an animal face. The back of his upper section features a blueish cape while the back of his lower body has a whitish skirt, both of which show a galaxy underneath.

The result is a rather ethereal, intimidating being.


Not much is known about Sol's previous personality. According to Raegen he was the kindest amongst the Sages, and was known to be a very studious person.

At present time as a result of the side-effects of being sealed in Crystal for several years, he's a twisted, deranged, homicidal individual with a hatred for life. He also displays a shred of narcissism as he calls the party unsightly along with voicing his disgust for them.

He does however seem to have a modicrum of sanity left as he doesn't attack indiscriminately as he travels with a fellow Sage. Sol is regardless, capable of intelligence, unlike the Dark Elf, which makes him especially dangerous as he carries out his destructive plans.

His personality has become so twisted that even Rain expressed frustration at being unable to comprehend him, unlike with the Sworn Six of Paladia. In turn, Sol profoundly detests Rain and everything he stands for, as the young man embodies compassion, selflessness and justice, traits that Sol in his current state, finds thoroughly repulsing. In fact, Sol stands as the very opposite of Rain, being hateful, self-centered and murderous.

Story (Season One)

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Sol was an inhabitant of the world of Paladia. When Hess attempted to achieve independence from the rest of the world through Visionary Magicks, Aldore refused, causing a war between both factions. Sol choose to be loyal to Hess and became one of its Eight Sages and a major lieutenant.

As the original Veritas of the Dark enacted his plan to seal the Sages in Crystal in order to start negotiations between both factions, Sol was defeated and sealed himself. However when the Sworn Eight of Paladia were betrayed by Aldore and transported along with the large landmass of the battlefield with inhabitants from both parties, to the world of Lapis, Sol himself was transported inside the Crystal, where he spent several centuries inside, which caused side-effects that would corrode his nature.

As the now renamed Sworn Six destroy the Crystals in order to achieve their revenge, he is subsequently freed from his slumber, now with a desire to end life.

Final Chapter

Sol is first met by Rain and his party in Pharm along with the Behemoth K after the new Veritas of the Dark is defeated. He destroys the Dark Crystal, leaving the party flabbergasted. Both Dark Fina and Raegen recognize Sol who begins to voice his disgust at life, calling the party unsightly and blasts them with Holy. After the Behemoth ambushes and kills the Darklord, Sol departs with the Behemoth to the Land of the Crystals to enact his plans.

As the two Sages make their way to the top, they are spotted by Rain's party, trying to ambush them. However Fina suddenly collapses which gives their cover away. Sol summons Visions of monsters to deal with the party as Veritas of the Light and Veritas of the Waters appear to assist the party.

The party manages to catch up to the Sages a second time, greatly displeasing Sol. He summons more Visions and orders the Behemoth to take care of them while he makes his escape. The Behemoth proves a tough obstacle so the two members of the Sworn Six teleport themselves away with the Behemoth so the party can progress uninterrupted.

Sol is intercepted once more, but cuts the party away with a powerful seal exclusive to the Sages as he taunts them to sit and watch the destruction that is to come. Dark Fina then uses the Sacred Ring of Paladia to transform herself into a Crystal to keep the Gate from pulling the world, sparing Fina as a result of being the only one left of two as she's given Dark Fina's sage power allowing the party to move forward.

The party find Sol at the top of the tower as he begins to prepare his ultimate plan. Fina confronts him on his believes that life is ugly by declaring the opposite. In turn Sol taunts her to wait for a couple of minutes to test if she will still think the same, as both parties battle. Sol proves a difficult opponent but is defeated. However before the party can celebrate, Sol's ultimate weapon, the Chaotic Darkness is summoned. He explains that the monster before them is the Vision of centuries worth of dark emotions and memories accumulated as a result of multiple conflicts, summoned by him and asks Fina again if she believes that the hearts of people are indeed beautiful. He further taunts her that this evil is the true heart of humanity as he orders the monster to lay waste to all life in both Paladia and Lapis.

As the party pursues the Chaotic Darkness, Sol faces them. The party fights Sol in order to prove that sentiments like love also exist and triumph over hatred. Sol is defeated but gloats that he was proven right as he comments on the party's faces displayed visible anger and repulsion, making him believe that he was defeated by hatred. However Rain states he didn't hate Sol but rather his inability to understand the Sage through battle as he could with the Sworn Six of Paladia. Sol then calls Rain as the most awful person ever and vows to kill him as he disappears.

After the Chaotic Darkness is defeated Raegen and Rain use their Aldorian power to close the Gate, however Sol attempts to ram himself with the Gate trying to use his own life to force it wide open. Rain flies and clashes with the Sage, causing both of them to disappear while leaving the Crimson Saber behind.

Season Two


Months after their encounter, Sol is revealed to be alive and in Paladia, his homeworld. He is able to sense Rain's presence is in this world, nauseated that his aura is still brimming with noble intentions. Determining that the two of them are simply irreconcilable, he intends to find the young knight and kill him for symbolising the things that he despises the most.


Sol is a recurrent opponent in both Season One and Two. He's a difficult Boss who abuses a plethora of different spells to ravage the party. He always begins the battle casting Reflect and Sage's Wisdom on himself and Imperilga on the party (Before the updates, this was a Preemptive Strike). Sage's Wisdom is a stat buff that will increase his damage output tremendously if not handled. On every turn after that he will cast Dispelga on the party, regardless of whether he attacks or not. Later on he uses Execution, which damages the party and inflicts an ATK/MAG debuff.

He uses several spells, mostly Light elemental, but can also use multiple Ja-tier spells in quick succession. After taking some of his HP off he will be capable of using Ultima, for devastating damage. When weakened he can cast Curaga on himself to restore as much as 40% of his HP back. At times he will use Dispelga, Imperilga and Execution in that order.

Sol has several thousand HP (usually 500,000 and above) increased resistance to all elements (+50%) except Light (+200%) and Dark (0%) and is immune to all status ailments. He is, however vulnerable to Stat Breaks.

Sol was nerfed for a brief time, but as of the Realm of the Dragon King update, he is back at full power.


The player should not attempt to use elemental attacks on Sol unless they are Dark or are able to inflict elemental imperils that nullify or bypass Sol's defenses. Light is meaningless by nearly any measure as his resistance is too high (even if equipping weapons of multiple elements). Non-elemental and Dark attacks are the most reliable way to damage Sol. Since he has high HP, building a chain and capping it with a strong finisher is viable.

Buffs are not necessarily useless as they can be used to increase damage output, although they will be gone. If the player has Celes or uses the Manufacted Nethicite, they will be able to keep Dispelga at bay since it will always be the first action Sol performs (however they should use the Magic absorption as the last move or it may absorb the player's own Spells). Keeping the buffs alive this way will significantly decrease the difficulty. Debuffs are another option too as Sol won't be able to Dispel them off himself, but they should be focused on decreasing his MAG stat and also his defensive stats too as to inflict the most damage.

Since Sol's strongest attacks are magical, Tanks will be useless, although Damage Reduction abilities will still work, provided the player can keep Dispelga at bay.

It should be noted that although he was nerfed, this change didn't last long so the player is adviced caution.


Sol is the Latin and Spanish name of the main-sequence star of the synonymous Sol System, called the Sun in English.


  • Sol is infamous amongst Japanese version players, as he was considered to be abnormally difficult for a storyline battle. He was subsequently nerfed along with the Behemoth K and the Chaotic Darkness as a result. This infamy managed to reach the Global version with many players expressing just as much frustration. He was subsequently nerfed, but as of the Realm of the Dragon King update, Sol is back at full strength.


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