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Soileine is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. She was the receptionist of the Conjurers' Guild.


Once the adventurer joins the Conjurer's Guild, Soileine shares information about the essence of a conjurer's duties; to quiet the mind and heart until you can hear the faint whispers of the elementals, to protect them, and to act as intermediaries between them and the people of Gridania. She also talks about ancient trees in the forest within which the most powerful of elementals reside. When these trees come to harm and the fury of the elementals is wakened, great tragedy follows. It is for this reason that a magical barrier known as the Hedge has been raise to protect them. But the Hedge alone cannot guard the entire forest.[1]

Soileine asks the adventurer to assist Brother Telent on a mission to defeat coywolves[1] and later asks him to patrol Twelveswood together with Brother Morys. Once Morys finds an Ishgardian knight lying in the forest and appears to be recovering his memory, Soileine tells about what is known about Morys' past and theorizes that Morys heard the elementals in the knight's metals and that Morys is somehow connected to Ishgard.[2]




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