Soil: The Heart of the Magun is the eighth episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Unlimited Episode 8

Soil: The Heart of the Magun.



Kaze summons Ifrit to destroy Omega, the train reassembles, and the group ponders the fate of Kaze.

Lou, Lisa, Ai, Yu and Chobi find themselves in a strange desert where sand leaks from the sky. Lou is determined to recover Kaze, despite the others begrudging his hesitation in joining the fight against Omega on the train. However, Lou has become infatuated with Kaze.

The Fourth LordEdit

FFU Episode 8 - Pist

Pist, the Fourth Lord of Gaudium.

Within the Earl's fortress, the Earl questions Makenshi why Kaze has survived, despite Makenshi being sent out specifically to kill him. A strange person enters the room in a convertible, introducing himself as "Pist". He claims he has identified Kaze's weaknesses, using Crux's data, and offers to kill him.

When he sees that the others are uncertain, Pist offers to prove his strength in a duel with Makenshi. He disables Makenshi's attacks by shooting his bottles of mist from his hands, impressing the Earl.

As Pist gloats at his victory, and turns away from the others, his gun is sliced in half. He hides this from the others, eying Makenshi with suspicion.

Magun ReversalEdit

FFU Episode 8 - Pist Magun

Pist steals the Magun from Kaze.

Back in the desert, Lisa comments that the sand is unusual, and she can feel a large amount of energy flowing within. Sand drops near the group, with Kaze lands atop it. As Lou attempts to show her affection to Kaze, with him only recalling some great destruction, an unseen assailant strikes.

Kaze returns fire, forcing Pist into the open. Despite the incident with Makenshi, his resolve is unaffected, claiming it will end quickly.

Kaze opens fire, cutting off Pist's introduction. Pist taunts Kaze, telling him only the Magun can defeat him. Kaze primes the Magun but when the windmill blades begin to spin, a cloud of pink sand appears. Pist explains that the desert is made of Soil, the very substance Kaze uses to summon his powerful creatures.

Kaze continues with the priming, dissolving the weapon. Instead of the primed weapon appearing on his arm, it transfers to Pist's.

The Blessed BurdenEdit

FFU Episode 8 - Gun Dragon Emerges

Gun Dragon emerges in front of Lisa.

Lou transforms and unleashes an attack. Though Pist is unharmed, the group flees underground. Kaze seems sullen, rather than just lonesome.

Pist tracks them down, and steals Lou's mirror, keeping her from transforming again. One after the other, Pist stops the groups abilities, and traps them within red mud. Pist is surprised when Lou mentions Omega's activity, and decides to end this quickly. As he levels his gun at Kaze, Kaze repeats Pist's words, saying only the Magun can defeat him.

Pist decides to humor his captive, summoning what he claims is the ultimate Soil triad from the desert sand. He loads the weapon, and pulls the trigger. Instead of firing, the heart within the Magun beats faster and faster. The gun explodes, destroying the mud prisons.

Lisa looks to the sky, to see a monster, similar to one of the pair seen at the opening of the first episode. It remains only for a moment, before the Magun reforms on Kaze's arm.

Kaze explains the Magun is his life, and only he can use it. The group considers what just occurred, with understanding Kaze's true power only beginning to dawn on them.


Back at the count's fortress, Pist has returned, alive and well. After the Earl questions why Kaze still lives, Pist reveals what he has learned concerning Omega. The Earl is startled and he orders the others to capture it as fast as possible.


The nature of the Magun is expanded upon in this episode, with Kaze revealing only he can wield it. Pist attempts to fire it, summoning what he claims will be "the ultimate summoned creature".

The soil he uses is as follows:

The brilliance of intelligence!/The glare of obvious intelligence! - Marvelous Orange
The endlessness of curiosity!/The desire for an endless quest! - Maniac Purple
The strength of absolute Victory!/The promise of a perfect victory! - Ultra Shocking Pink/Char-Coral Pink

Though the Gun Dragon is seen behind the dust cloud left behind, it is unclear as if the soil summoned the being, or if it was summoned for another unexplained reason. This is due to Kaze always using the same combination to summon certain creatures, and yet when Kaze himself summons the dragon, he uses a different combination.


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