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Sohr Khai is a Dungeon Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward added in Patch 3.3. In dragonspeak, "Sohr Khai" means "Sad apology".


Sohr Khai

Majestic and forgotten, its existence unrecorded in the annals of man, a palace rests atop the clouds in the farthest reaches of the Churning Mists. This skyborne splendor was once home to Ratatoskr, brood-sister to Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg, until the treachery of mortals ensured that its stones would never again ring under the she-wyrm's talons. The dragons named it "Sohr Khai," a grieving apology for their failure to avert her fate, and they watched with infinite sadness as Ratatoskr's empty roost was overrun by bird and beast.

This is the place Hraesvelgr has chosen for your trial. Prove yourself in the faded shadow of one sibling, and convince the great wyrm to aid you against the wrathful shade of the other.

Duty Finder


  1. Overcome Unsevered despair
  2. Overcome Unstifled Prayer
  3. Defeat Hraesvelgr


An Answer of Sorrow[]

As the party moves within the area the first two enemies they come across are two non-hostile Cloud Gardeners, they are sleeping and must be defeated to continue moving on. The next area is filled with wild plantlife that attacks the party as well as Enchanted Fans that when defeated grant players a haste buff for 20 seconds when stepped in.

Unsevered Despair[]

As the party enters Unsevered Despair they come across Chieftain Moglin who will challenge them in battle.

  • 1000-kuponze Charge- An attack that hits the tank with a tank buster.
  • Pom Holy- Raid wide damage.
  • Pom Praise- When the moogles are defeated, Moglin will try and ressurect them with this spell. Players must attack any moogles within a purple circle to prevent them from reviving. Any moogle within will also get an hp buff upon being revived.
  • Demonical Mogcane- Moglins staff will appear on the arena and cause damage in a cross pattern.

Throughout the fight Moglin will summon moogles that will attack players, Captain Mogsun will tether to Moglin and make him invincible.

An Answer of Silence[]

Moving into a foggy section of the ruins the party runs into buzzards and Anzu.

Ratotoskr's Peace[]

In this area shows the crest of Ratotoskr and two Sancuary Tsanahale as well as a griffin known as Kargas.

Unstifiled Prayer[]

Leaving Ratotoskr's Peace leads the party to Unstifled Prayer where they come across Poqhiraj, a black pegasus.

  • Rear hoof- occasional tank buster
  • Cloud Call- A purple marker is presented above a players head and will spawn a dark cloud over them, this will destroy the sides of the arena making it unsafe for the bosses next attack.
  • Burning Bright- A line AoE
  • Touchdown- The boss leaves the arena and a proximity marker will appear on one side.
  • Gallop- The boss will rush through the arena, and knock players back if they are on the sides, or in the air if they are in the middle.

An Answer of Shame[]

Upon entering An Answer of Shame the party fights members of Hraesvelgr's brood, fighting his broodlings, as well as other dragons.

Shattered Remembrance[]

The Final trial is against Hraesvelgr himself, where the party battles him across nine individual platforms. Players will fight Holy Sprites that spawn on the platforms as they attack players.

  • Tail End- Tank Buster
  • Cauterize- Hraesvelgr will leave the arena and reappear with a line AoE in front of him. Once the cast finishes he will destroy two platforms, any player within the AoE will be KO'd.
  • Diamond Storm- Raid wide AoE damage, that also spawns moving blizzard orbs that explode upon contact and give players a heavy debuff.


  • Cloud Gardener
  • Garden Cloudtrap
  • Sanctuary Skipper
  • Enchanted Fan
  • Garden Melia
  • Garden Sankchinni
  • Chiftain Moglin
    • Pomguard Pompincher
    • Pomguard Pomchopper
    • Captain Mogsun
    • Pomguard Pomcrier
    • Pomguard Pompiercer
    • Pomguard Pomfryer
    • Pomguard Pomfluffer
  • Sohr Khai Buzzard
  • Sohr Khai Anzu Egg
  • Sohr Khai Anzu
  • Sohr Khai Cockerel
  • Sanctuary Tsanahale
  • Kargas
  • Poqhiraj
  • Hraesvelgr Broodling
  • Holy Wyvern
  • Blizzard Dragon
  • Hraesvelgr
    • Holy Sprite



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