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Sohm Al is the first Main Scenario Dungeon Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward and a towering mountain revered as a holy place and burial ground by the dragons of Dravania. In dragonspeak, "Sohm Al" means "Promised slumber".


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Sohm Al.

Sohm Al. Casting its shadow over the Dravanian forelands, this towering peak is revered by the dragons as both holy ground and resting place. And now, in accordance with your pact, Vidofnir has thrown open to you the final ascent to the sacred mount's summit. But Nidhogg's minions will not lightly suffer this intrusion. Ere you gaze upon the fabled expanse of the Churning Mists, you must first carve a path through the mountain's denizens and overcome the consort of Nidhogg, herself—the she-dragon, Tioman.


Sympathetic to Ysayle's goal of ending the Dragonsong War and grateful for the death of Ravana at the hands of Shiva and the Warrior of Light, Vidofnir, the draconic guardian of Aynx Trine in the Dravanian Forelands, grants the party passage through the Forelands. However, she does not promise that Tioman will be as willing to allow the party continue through Sohm Al.

After clearing the lower mountain of monsters, the Warrior of Light's party is assailed by Dravanians, and at the summit faces Tioman herself. Her death has a number of consequences: the Crystal of Earth's blessing is restored for the Warrior, the Moogles of Moghome in the Churning Mists are unwilling to meet with the party for fear that they will provoke Nidhogg's ire, and Nidhogg himself panics and withdraws into the Aery, his personal fortress. According to Estinien, Nidhogg's planned attack on Ishgard is canceled because of this event, stalling a potentially devastating assault on the weakened city-state.

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  1. Defeat Raskovnik
  2. Defeat Myath
  3. Defeat Tioman


The dungeon consists of a mountain hike through the floating peak of Sohm Al.

In the first area, there are a number of Drakespur that will spawn pollen clusters, which will poison players that get too close. The Drakesspurs and other enemies must be cleared to open the bramble barriers leading ahead. At a clearing, the first boss Raskovik appears, an immense ochu.

The second area consists of caverns, starting with volcanic area. A pyrodragon will desccend and spit lava on the ground before landing. It will retreat at 50% health. The cavern shifts to an icy theme, with enemies following suit. A cryodragon will appear, creating ice columns that will spawn glacier sprites, which attempt to self-destruct on players. Like the other dragon, the cryodragon flees at 50% health. When the party reaches the Wound, they'll encounter the second boss, a dinosaur called Myath.

The third area takes place on the final climb, where several dragons appear to bar the way. Eventually, an Ergodragon appears, backed up by the wounded pyrodragon and cryodragon from before. Once all three are eliminated, Tioman herself can be confronted.


  • Abalathian vulture
  • Flying killer
  • Blooming ochu
  • Drakespur
  • Raskovnik
    • Dravanian hornet
  • Eruca
  • Abalathian fox
  • Sacred drake
  • Pyrodragon
  • Abalathian tursus
  • Overgrown difflugia
  • Cryodragon
    • Glacier sprite
  • Myath
    • Blood of the Mountain
    • Rheum of the Mountain
    • Chyme of the Mountain
  • Deep-mountain gallimimus
  • Sacred biast
  • Sacred wyvern
  • Ergodragon
  • Wounded pyrodragon
  • Wounded cryodragon
  • Tioman

Musical themes[]

The theme of Sohm Al is an aggressive mix of the theme of Dravanian Forelands.