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A snowmobile in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto.

Snowmobile is a recurring vehicle type in the series. Snowmobiles are vehicles designed for winter travel that can be be operated on snow and ice, and do not require a road or trail. In the Final Fantasy series snowmobiles generally accommodate two people, but most snowmobiles in the real world are designed for a single rider. Although snow is a fairly common terrain type, snowmobile is a rare vehicle in the series. It only appears a handful times, as the player can usually use a chocobo to traverse more difficult terrain where they don't have an airship.


Final Fantasy IIEdit

FFII PSP Snowcraft Sprite

The Snowcraft was hidden by Josef, stashed away in a hidden room in the Semitt Falls cave. It is required to cross the snowfield and reach the Snow Cave. In all versions except the original NES version, there is a memory minigame that can be played while riding the Snowcraft.

The craft is not mechanical, but uses wind-power to move.

Final Fantasy XEdit


The party on snowmobiles.

As the party is heading to Macalania Temple, Tidus, Lulu, Rikku, Auron and Kimahri Ronso ride machina sleds to get there. Wakka opts to walk as he views machina-use as forbidden by Yevon's teachings. The person the player rides with is determined by affection mechanics.

If Tidus rides with Rikku, she reveals she is Yuna's cousin and articulates in a roundabout way that Yuna will die if she continues her pilgrimage, but Tidus does not realize this. If Lulu travels with Tidus, he asks her if a human can ever become Sin, and she finally believes he is not from Spira. If he rides with Kimahri he asks what he thinks of Rikku, and if he rides with Auron they will race to the temple.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode PromptoEdit


Prompto and Aranea on a snowmobile.

Aranea Highwind provides Prompto Argentum with a snowmobile so he can escape the First Magitek Production Facility where he was imprisoned in. Prompto rides to the edge of a thawed lake where he camps out for the night. He can upgrade the snowmobile by killing monsters in the area. Aranea finds him, and they head to another Niflheim facility together. After defeating the monster housed at the facility, the two escape on a snowmobile while being chased by the Immortalis, a colossal magitek monster. Aranea rides while Prompto operates the machine gun mounted at the back to destroy the Immortalis.

Flagrum SMG in FFXV Episode Prompto

Flagrum SMG.

The player can ride the snowmobile freely for portions of the downloadable episode. The analogue sticks steer while the shoulder buttons make the machine move forwards or reverse. The player cannot use items while riding; they will have to dismount to do that. The player can also jump while riding. In addition, Prompto can use the Flagrum SMG while riding on the snowmobile. Flagrum SMG has infinite ammunition, locks on to targets, and almost always hits, though its damage is significantly lower.

Some Archive Highlights are obtained by riding the snowmobile in specific parts of the "overworld".

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