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Riding the Snowcraft (PSP).

A craft that can travel over deep snow.


The Snowcraft (雪上船, Setsujō Fune?) is a means of transportation in Final Fantasy II. For a long time, it was hidden by Josef, stashed away in a hidden room in the Semitt Falls Cave. The Snowcraft is required to cross the Snowfield and reach the Snow Cave.


In all versions except the original NES and Pixel Remaster versions, there is a memory minigame that can be played while riding the Snowcraft.

To access it:

The awards that can be won in the game are changed if the player can get the level of their Frog spell to 16 on the Dawn of Souls-remake, and consist of late-game rare items, such as Genji Gear and Masamunes.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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