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Snowcloak is a large glacier in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. A symptom of the upheaval wrought by Bahamut's fury in the Calamity, this enormous ice wall has cut off the western sections of Coerthas.

Seen as a landmark in the far western edge of Coerthas Central Highlands as early as version 2.0, its interior became available for exploration as a dungeon in Patch 2.4.


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The bitter cold which swept over the Coerthas highlands following the Calamity did not only blanket the region in snow and ice, but transformed the water of Twinpools and the Swiftrun into a mountainous flow of ice—a flow which has slowly crept through western Coerthas highlands and now has completely engulfed Gargoyle Crossing, preventing passage.

Sightseeing Log - Vista Record 074

Snowcloak opening cinematic.

Before the Calamity, Gargoyle Crossing was a major route connecting Coerthas's Central Highlands to the western highlands. However with the coming of the Seventh Umbral Era, much of Coerthas underwent an extreme ice age that, among other things, led to a huge glacier called "Snowcloak" blocking the route to the west.

Though it cut off settlements to the west, the knights of Ishgard never had the chance to study due to both the dangerous terrain and recent onslaughts of the Dravanian Horde that captured the Steel Vigil and Stone Vigil. Lord Haurchefant suspected it may have unseen depths where the Harriers serving the dragonkin may dwell.

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Formed in the aftermath of the Calamity, the great ice wall has long been thought an impenetrable barrier between central and western Coerthas. In truth, however, the wall is riddled with hidden tunnels, which Iceheart and her followers have used as a base of operations. You have been tasked with exploring one such tunnel in the hopes that it will lead you to the heretics' leader—yet what dangers await are anyone's guess...



  • Ibex
  • Snowcloak Goobbue
  • Snowcloak Wolf
  • Frost Bomb
  • Wandil (Boss)
  • Northern Bateleur
  • Ice Sprite
  • Hrithmurs
  • Yeti (Boss)
  • Spriggan Icecutter
  • Frostbound
  • Glacier Sprite
  • Hybrid Gator
  • Snowclops
  • Chary Harrier
  • Dove Aevis
  • Fenrir (Boss)
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