Snow Villiers is a boss in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII fought at the end of the Yusnaan main quest at Patron's Palace. If Snow is fought from Day 6 onward, his appearance changes and his stats are boosted, and is called Snow Villiers+. He changes and gains strength further from Day 10 onwards, changing into Snow Villiers++.



Depths of Despair


Snow has a variety of abilities including Chaos attacks, counters, magic, self-buffs and rush attacks. Snow is easy to stagger while he is charging Chaos attacks. Recast, which counters magic, makes him vulnerable to physical attacks and Riposte, which counters physical attacks, makes him susceptible to magic. During his counter-abilities he will stand still for a few seconds, giving the player some time to choose whether to attack or heal.


Before facing Snow, the player should have picked up some fire spells like Fira (the Midnight Mauve garb obtained during the Yusnaan main quest has Fira), and the Frostbane Choker. These items are not essential, but may come in handy.

The key to victory is knowing when to strike and with which attack. The greatest challenge in this battle would be defeating him in less than 5 minutes to earn a 5-star rating.

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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