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The snowfields of Narshe in Final Fantasy VI.

A world of silvered wonder.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Snow tile's description.

Snow (, Yuki?) is a broad term applying to any areas on the world map generally covered in snow, ice and glaciers. They often include Ice-themed enemies and provide the player with Ice equipment through battle victories or local shops.


Final Fantasy[]

Though nowhere in World A is icy, there exists a Cavern of Ice near Mt. Gulg, which is ironically a volcano. Many of the floors are made of thin sheets of ice that break when the armored Warriors of Light step on them. Hidden deep under the ice is the Levistone that reveals the Lufenian airship.

Final Fantasy II[]

On the northern reaches of the map is a large glacial area called the Snowfield. Among the snow-topped mountains in this region is the town of Salamand. The town's strong men were taken by the Palamecian Empire to mine Mythril before the party arrives there in the game. They also kidnapped Nelly, the daughter of one of the few remaining men Josef to use her life against him. Josef asks the party to rescue her in exchange for telling them how to steal Mythril from the Empire.

Also among the Snowfield is the Snow Cave where the Goddess's Bell is hidden. The party, accompanied by Josef, must traverse the Snowfield via Snowcraft and descend into the cave to locate the bell.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Snow makes a small appearance during Edward's Tail in the Lunar Ruins once the player passes through the door. The entire Damcyan Castle is under a blanket of snow.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Narshe is a village built into the base of a northern mountain range, and the entire village and the mountain slopes overlooking it are covered in ice. The icefield over the village serves as the stage for a climactic battle early in the game when Kefka Palazzo attacks the town to seize the frozen Esper Valigarmanda dug up in the town's mines, and the Returners fight off his troops and defeat Kefka in battle to send him fleeing. In the World of Ruin the player can encounter the Ice Dragon in the same location.

The Dance associated with the snowfield terrain is the Snowman Rondo, also known as the Snowman Jazz, and allows Mog to use various Ice-elemental attacks in battle.

Final Fantasy VII[]

The northern continent of the Planet is in a massive region known as the Icicle Area. On it sits the Great Glacier, a huge ice plain that covers nearly the entire continent. On this continent rests the Icicle Inn, a tourist lodge and resort that is the second most northern settlement on the Planet. During Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, AVALANCHE has a base here. During Final Fantasy VII, the popular snowboarding minigame takes place here.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

In Crisis Core, a new town is revealed just to the north of the Icicle Inn called Modeoheim. The Shinra Electric Power Company once attempted to build a mako reactor on the mountainside, though were forced to close and abandon the excavation site, likely due to the extreme temperatures and harsh terrain.

The town of Modeoheim seems to have sprung up and died with the idea of the reactor. It may have been meant to feed off the Mako energy and rival the Icicle Inn as a warmer resort, as its primary feature seems to be a huge bath house. Genesis Rhapsodos and Hollander use the town and excavation site as a temporary base.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

The northernmost continent Trabia is an icy, arctic region. It's major points of interest are Trabia Garden, where nearly all the continent's human citizens live, the Shumi Village, home of the Shumi and Moomba races, and a massive crater where Esthar triggered the Lunar Cry seventeen years before the game's events. The landscape is dominated by mountains, icy plains, and chocobo forests.

Final Fantasy IX[]

The Ice Cavern is not located in an icy area, but is frozen within. The party must travel through it to reach a high point to see above the Mist. Vivi Ornitier uses his magic to melt the ice as the party journeys through the cavern.

The entire Lost Continent is covered in ice, along with the holy ground Esto Gaza.

Final Fantasy X[]

The Macalania region of Spira is one of the largest and divided into two distinct areas—an ethereal blue forest and the icy region around the frozen Lake Macalania and Macalania Temple that houses the aeon Shiva. The party fights Seymour Guado for the first time in this temple after Yuna obtains Shiva. They also fight an Al Bhed machina on the lake, and after obtaining Shiva and fleeing the Guado, they become trapped beneath the ice of the frozen lake, on top of what they soon realize is Sin's back.

Mt. Gagazet is also covered in snow.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Beaucedine Glacier, Xarcabard, and Uleguerand Range are the staple snow areas in Final Fantasy XI. In those three areas, the dungeons of Pso'Xja, Fei'Yin, Castle Zvahl Baileys, and Castle Zvahl Keep can be found, as well as the Cloister of Frost, Bearclaw Pinnacle, Throne Room, and Qu'Bia Arena. Additionally, snow can be found on the ground and often falls from the sky in Morimar Basalt Fields; occasional snow falls in Arrapago Reef; and rare snowfalls occur in Batallia Downs. In all of the aforementioned areas, snow weather occurs based on the game's in-game calender.

The parallel realms Abyssea - Uleguerand, Dynamis - Beaucedine, and Dynamis - Xarcabard are also snow-covered lands, although snow never actually falls from the sky in these areas: it merely blankets the ground.

Final Fantasy XII and the Ivalice Alliance[]

There was an age called the Time of the Glaciers in which Ivalice experienced a great ice age. Cold-blooded populations, such as the Croakadile, had a hard time surviving and dwindled greatly.

The Paramina Rift is an icy mountain range. At times, areas may be the site of a snowstorm.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Snow is found on Bresha Ruins 300 AF and Vile Peaks 10 AF. When in snow terrain Noel and Serah display shivering animations when standing still or when walking, and when out in snowfall they are covered in snow with the tops of their heads and parts of their equipment white. If the player rides a chocobo in the snow the chocobo is similarly snow-covered.

There is a flower called the Silver Petal which only grows in snow; one of the game's sidequests involves picking one of these flowers and bringing it back to a man in Bresha Ruins in a time period where it is not snowing in exchange for a Fragment item.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

With the re-launch of A Realm Reborn, the Coerthas region has been redesigned as snowy highlands due to environmental effects of the Calamity.

Final Fantasy XV[]

Scenery in "Episode Prompto".

Ghorovas Rift is a snowfield in imperial territory where Shiva's corpse lies. Noctis Lucis Caelum and his friends pass by the territory on train on their way to Gralea.

Episode Prompto takes place in the arctic imperial outlands.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[]

The entire Water Region is covered in snow and the lake is frozen in ice when Benjamin first arrives in the region. This is due to the Crystal of Water having gotten its power drained, and the town's water supply is frozen along with the land where plants cannot grow. Once the Crystal of Water is restored, the snow and ice melts away.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

Snowfields can be found in the northern region of the world, located near the area of Lorim. This snowy covered area is the home to three specific monsters which do not appear in any other area in the game. These are Saber Cat, Snowman, and Walrus.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

The Mining Town of Gollund and Ziekden Fortress are the only wintry areas in Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics. There are only five wintry battlefields in the game, and all of them are story specific and are only fought once. The player will not be able to do battle or have access to these snowy battlefields once they have completed these battles.

There's a terrain tile called Snow in Final Fantasy Tactics. A Geomancer standing on the Snow terrain tile will use Snowstorm to deal Ice-elemental damage with a chance of inflicting Silence to any enemy units within five squares.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

There is a wintry area, where the city of St. Ivalice is situated. The mission "Snow in Lutia" takes place on the snowy terrain of Lutia Pass.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Snowing in Azurr District.

The Militesi Empire to the west is the most cold and barren, but also includes an arid desert and valleys to the north of it. The Azurr and Cetme Districts are regions in the Militesi territory located at the western coast of Orience. Due to the cold climate in the eastern parts of Orience, it is constantly snowing here.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

In World B, the entire southern region of the world is a glacial area with snow falling called the Elven Snowfields. In this world Mount Gulg is inactive and iced over with snow, the lake around it frozen.

Several storylines run through this region, including Chapter 7 of Treachery of the Gods and Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 of Light to All. During Chapter 3 Terra alludes to the snowfields of Narshe when she mentions feeling nostalgic watching the snow.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

Snowfields appear in both FMS and BMS for several themes throughout the series:

  • Terra's Theme*(from Final Fantasy VI)
  • Servants of the Mountain*(from Final Fantasy X)
  • Noel's Theme*(from Final Fantasy XIII-2)
  • Antipyretic*(from Final Fantasy Tactics)
  • The Last Hunter*(from Final Fantasy XIII-2)

Bravely Default[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

Ice Region

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