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Oh, yeah, she's my pet. Yuj found her and brought her home.

Serah tells Noel of how she came across Snow

Snow is Serah Farron's female pet cat from Final Fantasy XIII-2. She has green eyes, white-black-and-brown fur. Snow is quite playful and well taken care of.

Possibly due to being named after Serah's fiancée, in at least one cutscene in Final Fantasy XIII-2, Snow is referred as a male.[1]


Mog Trivia

Snow is a stray cat that Yuj found, kupo! Gadot was just joking when he said they should call her Snow, but the name stuck and that was that.

But in fact, everyone in the town has their own name for her, such as Esmeralda and Mewmew. It's one thing to call a girl cat 'Snow,' but when you give her a dog name like Spot, that's just wrong, kupo!
—Sparkling Runestone fragment.


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Serah and Snow.

One day Yuj found a stray cat and brought it to NORA House and asked if they could keep her. There were no objections and the cat approached Serah, making her smile.

When searching for an artefact the day after a meteorite's fall, Serah, Mog, and Noel are trying to catch Snow as they suspect that the cat might have found one.

Yuj volunteered to take care of Snow after Serah leaves.

After finally catching her, Serah tells Noel Snow's backstory and reflects the loss of her sister, Lightning, and her fiancee, Snow Villiers, "how [NORA] saw right through her", and how they keep together to keep strong in tough times. Noel asks if she considers them a family. If the player answers "The cat is my only family!", Serah will remark on her affection towards the cat.

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Snow is named after Serah's fiancé, Snow Villiers. This name was specifically chosen by NORA to fill the emptiness within Serah's heart after his departure to search for Lightning.