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Snow is a DLC boss in Final Fantasy XIII-2, along with Valfodr. Being part of post-launch content, his stats are not detailed in official guides.



Snow in battle.

Snow will continually attack one character, building up "tension", and losing this tension when switching to a new target. If Snow's tension reaches 500%, he will become immune to Provoke and use Sovereign Fist to kill the party. Snow can deal copious wound damage. He will buff himself shortly before choosing a target, and is vulnerable to debuffs from Saboteurs. Snow has a strong area of effect attack he uses shortly after raising his tension.

Upon winning, there's a chance that Snow will give up his crystal and join the player's Paradigm Pack as a Sentinel.


It is crucial Snow's building of tension does not continue for too long; it is better to let him kill a character and then revive them, or provoke him using a Sentinel. Changing Snow's target will not reset his tension unless he has reached at least 200% before provocation, or his target is killed. Wound Potions are of essence.

Snow's buffs can be dispelled. It helps to hit him with debuffs, such as Deprotect, Deshell, and Imperil. Tri-disaster and Relentless Assault are useful to build up the stagger bar. Snow's area of effect attack can be healed using potions.


Try this!
Eat this!
How's that?
You're going down!

Promise you won't yell at me later!
I don't want to hurt you!
This is awkward.
You're enjoying this, aren't you?
—Provoked by Serah

All right!
—Bestowing buffs

Give me all you got!
This'll only take a minute!
Not feeling too sharp today, are ya?
Show me those hunter skills!
Show me what ya got!
Don't come crying to me later!
Well, you're no Lightning.
—Base energy

You ready for this?
I am in it to win it!
Ready to take on a real hero?
Showtime for the hero!
Let's send them to another world!
—Increasing energy

I'm not just a pretty face.
All in a days work!
There's nothing I can't handle!
So, impressed yet?
We're done here!
Heh, that was lucky.
Hope I proved myself.
—Victory (unused)

Paradigm Pack[]

Snow can join the player's Paradigm Pack as a Sentinel. He has by far the highest HP, which can exceed 20,000 if Vitality Crystals are used in his development and the HP: +30% passive ability is infused into Snow. One drawback is that while he has high HP, he does not have any innate resistances, meaning he would be no better than other Sentinels with 10,000+ HP that can halve all attacks, abilities aside.

By foregoing excess HP development to boost to his Strength growth, Snow can become the best offensive Sentinel using counterattacks in random encounters, and Guard and Ward abilities against bosses. His Feral Link is Sovereign Fist, a strong, physical attack that hits Snow's target and any surrounding enemies twice, useful for disrupting coordinated group assaults.

Monster stats[]


Ability Level Type Infuse
Provoke Initial Command N
Mediguard Initial Command Y
Enhanced Sentinel Initial Passive N
Improved Ward II Initial Passive N
Critical: Power Surge II 3 Passive N
Vendetta 4 Command Y
Fringeward 5 Auto Y
Deathward 6 Auto Y
Element Guard 8 Command Y
Improved Guard II 9 Passive Y
Challenge 10 Command Y
Entrench 11 Command Y
Improved Counter II 12 Passive Y
Critical: Tetradefense 13 Passive N


  • Green – HP
  • Red – Strength
  • Purple – Magic


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