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Snow and Lightning encountering enemies in the intro of the scenario.

Snow's Story: Perpetual Battlefield is a downloadable extra scenario for Final Fantasy XIII-2. It follows an encounter between Serah Farron, Noel Kreiss, and Snow Villiers in the Coliseum.

It was released worldwide on May 15th, 2012, for both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace. It is also included in the Japanese re-release version of the game, Final Fantasy XIII-2: Digital Contents Selection, and the Microsoft Windows port.


Snow in battle.

Perpetual Battlefield unlocks the Coliseum -??? AF-, where DLC opponents may be fought. Snow's Story alone consists of two Coliseum battles against Snow and Valfodr. Valfodr can be fought multiple times. Each time he is fought, his level will rise by a set amount up to a maximum of 99.

After Snow is defeated, there is a chance he will drop a monster crystal and be usable in the player's Paradigm Pack. Similarly, Valfodr has a chance to drop his monster crystal and the chance will increase the higher his level gets. At higher levels, Valfodr will also begin summoning other monsters into battle and this gives the player a chance to obtain multiple of the main game's unique monsters, such as Chichu.

Locking the Coliseum -??? AF- gate in the Historia Crux will reset Perpetual Battlefield. In addition to resetting all cutscene flags, this will set Valfodr's level back to 1, allowing the player to challenge his weaker forms again.


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Snow in the coliseum.

After leaving Serah and Noel in the Sunleth Waterscape in 300 AF, Snow enters the Void Beyond and uses Shiva to enter the Coliseum. He fights alongside Lightning against many foes, including Gilgamesh and Ultros.

Serah and Noel arrive, and Serah challenges Snow to prove how strong she has become on her journey through time. At first, Snow is reluctant to fight his fiancée, but he eventually accepts her challenge.

Valfodr reveals himself.

After the fight, the Arbiter of Time reveals his true self as Valfodr and attacks Serah and Noel. Once defeated, he recognizes their strength and gives them permission to visit the Coliseum whenever they please. Serah tries to help Snow leave the Coliseum as well, but he is unable to as he is tied to it by chaos. The two promise to reunite eventually and Snow remains in the Coliseum with its other inhabitants.

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