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Snow is a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII who uses various lines in battle and field exploration, depending on actions taken and the point of the game the player is in.

Beginning of a battle[]

Bring it on!

Revved up and ready!

Nothing to worry about!

There's nothing we can't do!

We fight, and we survive!

No one’s dying today!

Time to prove who the heroes are!

Why, Cid!?
—Fight against Cid Raines.

Keep your claws off my Serah!
—Second fight against Barthandelus.

He's not leaving us a choice...
—Fight against The Proudclad.

So, this is Orphan.
—First fight against Orphan's first form.

For Serah!
—Final fight against Orphan's final form.

Paradigm Shift[]

Let's do this!

Let's mix things up!

Time for a new plan!

Let's switch it up!

I got an idea.

Just follow along.

Hold nothing back!

Let's end this!

No holding back!

We're gonna win this!

Try one of these!

I'm comin' for ya.

No dirt naps today.

Its all about teamwork!
Hope, follow my lead!
Time to switch, kiddo.
—Chapter 7

We are not your toys!
—Fight against Barthandelus.

Don't do this, Rosch!
We're on the same side!
You gotta believe us!
—Fight against The Proudclad.

We'll show you a miracle!
—First fight against Orphan.



Pulling for me!

How about this?!

Give 'em hell!


You asked for it!

Lights out!

Time for the beatdown!

Game over!

In your face!

—Fight against Barthandelus.

—First fight against Orphan.


Back off!

I'm the one you want!

Try that on me.

This is nothing!

I can take it.

Bring it!

Well, come on!


C'mon, then!


You think I'm going down?!


Keep it up.

You all right?

There you go.

All right, then!

Holdin' steady!

No problem!

We're in this together!

Let's tear it up!

Stand back!

Don't overdo it!

Hey, you ok?

Got your back!

I'll protect you!

We can handle this!
Let's do this, Hope!
Hang in there, buddy.
—When paired with Hope.

Full ATB skill: Sovereign Fist[]

Just hold on, Serah...
—in Eden

Oh, you're going down!

The heroes always win!

Here it comes!

I will never give up!

Taking you down!

No one's standing in my way!

Let's keep this up!


Twin Sisters!
—Summon command

Show 'em how it's done!
We're countin' on you!
—Shiva is summoned

We do this together!
The road is ours!
—Entering Gestalt Mode

Let's ride!
Full throttle!
—Finish entering Gestalt Mode

Tear it up!


That's it!


Let's do this!

Oh, it's on!

Ice 'em over!

You feeling the cold?

Here we go!

Time to pay!

Chill 'em out!

Time to clean up!

I got something for ya!

Bring the chill! Yeehaw, haha!!!
Cool 'em off!
Diamond Dust

Way to go.
Haha, fun times.
—After Diamond Dust

It's been real.
See you later.

Quake, Renew, and Dispelga[]

Ready to rock?

Now you're gonna get it!

Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Let's keep this up!

I got this one!


We gotta win this!
Much appreciated!
It's now or never!
—When healed or buffed.

Aw, yeah!
You see that!?
—When defeating an enemy.

Thanks, partner!
Thanks, Hope!
—When healed or buffed by Hope.

It's me you want!
—Hope reaches critical HP.

Nice one!
Great stuff, Hope!
—Hope defeats an enemy.


No problem!

That's what I'm talking about!

Just too easy!

Not quite what I had in mind, but okay.

I'll...step it up next time.

That...was close.

That was rough...



No! Serah!

No... Not yet...

But...I promised...


What do you know? I think the big guy approves.
—To Titan, after defeating Attacus.

Chocobo pecks ground.

—Chocobo finds a common item.

—Chocobo finds a rare item.

A few enemies are nothing to be afraid of.

Ah shoot, he saw me.

Ah...nothing like a little fresh air.

All right.

Am I missing something here?

Appreciate it.



Bring it, shorty!

Careful now!

Check this out.

Come and get it!

Come on.

Come on!

Come on!

Come on... I know you're out there.

Come on, keep that chin up.

Come with me!

Did I get turned around somehwere?

Did you see something?

Don't wear yourself out.

Eh, what are you gonna do.


Enough already!

Finally found ya.

Goes on forever, doesn't it?


Gotta look everywhere, huh?

Heads up!

Here goes nothing!



Hey, aren't you forgetting someone?

Hey, let's get this show on the road!

Hey, wait up!

Hey, why don't you come over here?



How awful.

How far up you figure the top is?

How we doing?

How's that for luck?



I can't stand here and watch this!

I don't believe this!

I don't like the look of that.

I don't like this one bit!

I feel recharged already!

I got enough punched to go around!

I kind of have a thing for heights.

I think this is the end of the road.

I think we're almost there!

I'll be up ahead if you need me!

I'll take care of this.

I'm going to go check things out.

I'm not sure about that one...

I'm over here!

I'm the one you want!

Is this for real?

Is this where we want to be going?

Isn't this a dead end?

It might be a little hard to see where we're going, but we'll get there.

Just follow the road.

Leave this to me.

Let's do this.

Let's see what you got!

Look at that!

Look sharp!


Maybe it's time to look for another way through.

Maybe we should double back.

Might...wanna leave that one be.

Must've come the wrong way.


No way...

No way!

No, this way!

Oh well.


On we go!

Ready to rumble, are ya?

Ready when you are.



Right behind ya.


Sharp, aren't ya?

Slow down!

So much for stealth...

Somebody pinch me...

Something fishy about this place...

Something on your mind?

Sounds good.

Sure thing.

Take a look at that!


That was close.

That's no lightweight.

That's not the right way!

The more the merrier.

There has to be something I'm not seeing...

There's got to be something around here.

This ain't gonna be easy.

This is nuts.

This is the way we came.

This place feels kind of special, doesn't it?

This way, hurry!

This way!

Time's a-wastin'.

Uh oh...

Wanna break 'em up?

Watch it!

Watch out!

Watch your step.

Way to go!

We uh...we are sure that this is the right way?

We got company!

We'll figure something out.

Well then, what do we do?

Well, I wouldn't build a summer home here.

Well, what can you do?


What do you think about that?

What do we do?

What do you say we look around for a bit?

What do you think that is?

What is all this?

What is it?

What is that?

What's this?

Where are we supposed to be headed again?

Where should I hit it?

Which way do we head?


Why are we going back?

Why don't we look for another route?

You...feeling all right?

You got incoming!

You ready for this?

You tired or something?

You win some, you lose some.

You're gonna regret this!

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