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Snolls are close relative of the bomb and djinn, these ice-based enchanted explosives can be found primarily in the frozen areas of Pso'Xja and Uleguerand Range. Two credible theories have been proposed to explain the existence of snolls: the first proposes that snolls and bombs have independently evolved in their separate environments; the second proposes that bombs somehow migrated to the Northlands and adapted to become snolls. The first theory seems more likely, as Scholars find it difficult to believe that bombs would willingly (or unwillingly) move out of their habitat, or even survive long enough in the frigid Northlands to evolve. Regardless of these unknown origins, snolls still exhibit several of the same behaviors as bombs and djinn; they float, inflict damage, and ultimately can inflict massive damage via by employing a self-destruct ability.

Snolls typically drop only snoll arms, which are similar to, and can often be used as a substitute for, bomb arms.

The exact relationship between bombs, snolls and djinn is currently unclear, and they share a number of traits in common, but, for present purposes, are treated as separate families.

Regular Monsters[]

  • Agloolik
  • Akselloak
  • Avalanche
  • Icefall
  • Morozko
  • Snoll
  • Snowball
  • Snowflake

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Father Frost
  • Frost Bomb Mk-II
  • Frost Flambeau
  • Glacial Wisp
  • Nightmare Snoll
  • Snoll Tzar
  • Snow Devil
  • Snow Maiden
  • Upas-Kamuy

Special Attacks[]

  • Arctic Impact: AoE ice damage (only used by certain Notorious Monsters).
  • Berserk: Increases Attack but lowers Defense.
  • Cold Wave: AoE Ice damage and Frost.
  • Freeze Rush: Single target Ice damage.
  • Hypothermal Combustion: AoE Ice damage based on remaining HP. Kills the user.
  • Hiemal Storm: Heavy cone attack ice damage (only used by certain Notorious Monsters).