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Hunts with the powerful greatbow.


Sniper is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for viera after mastering two Archer abilities. Snipers are the powerhouses of the viera and wield the almighty greatbows in battle. The Sniper's sharpshooting abilities allow them to steadily weaken the opponent. It is recommended to have Maintenance equipped while fighting enemy Snipers, or the player might lose their equipment.


Aim: Weapon.

Being the powerhouses of the viera, Snipers boast the best attack and great speed. Wielding greatbows, Snipers can be seen as the viera counterpart to the hume Hunter. Unlike Hunters, Snipers take a more lethal approach with their abilities. Aim: Armor and Aim: Weapon can break vital equipment, while Doom Archer still makes them a threat even at critical health. Armed with Concentrate from the Archer class, Snipers can dish out damage, poison, and doom with alarming speed. Their stats in areas other than strength and speed are low. With such one-sided stat growth, Snipers are much less geared for support than other viera classes. Some of the Sniper's abilities, such as Conceal and Aim: Wallet, can be very situational. Overall, Snipers are inflexible attackers and it is nearly impossible to use them in ways other than hurting opponents without introducing magic.

Enemy Snipers' equipment-destroying abilities are problematic as the loss of valuable and possibly limited quantity equipment takes away power, possibly AP, and is just plain frustrating. If not for their offensive strength, the possibility of equipment loss warrants taking enemy Snipers down first. Snipers hit hard and move fast, so the player should deploy tanks on the front lines. It's usually difficult to outpace Snipers, so it is better to approach cautiously and strike them when they have no more distance to use.

If and when a Sniper is given magical prowess, the faraway form of one can prove a delicate balance. Red or Summon Magic may enhance a 'keep away' vibe. Not every Sniper build must rely on bow range; using Summon Magic to destroy a gathering crowd of enemies would restore her range, while White or Spirit Magic may lead to an unspoken bond between her and the player's other ranged units. The constant long range of the Sniper can put the optional Assassin to shame. Snipers are fragile; as the only class that can Vanish, it's soon apparent why.


Snipers are fast and have the highest Attack out of viera jobs, but their other stats are mediocre. Purely Attack-oriented viera should consider the Sniper over the Assassin for leveling, since Snipers have higher HP, Attack and Resistance, and the extra MP, Magic Power and Speed the Assassin would give are not necessary, since the Sniper is already faster than almost everything else.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
6.2 D+ 2.4 D+ 9.4 A 6.8 D+ 7.6 C 7.6 C 1.8 A-



Sniper command. Strike at foe's gear, gil and life.

Skill Equipment AP Power Range
Doubleshot Twin Bow 300 As Weapon As Weapon
Attack twice in quick succession.
Beso Toxico Cranequin 200 As Weapon As Weapon
Touch as gentle as a kiss. Poison target.
Death Sickle Hades Bow 300 As Weapon
Sweeps out to afflict doom with horrid speed.
Conceal Windslash Bow 100 Self
Turn transparent until you next take action.
Doom Archer Max's Oathbow 300 As Weapon
Deals archer's lost HP worth of damage to HP & MP.
Cannot be used without a Bow or Greatbow.
Aim: Armor Fey Bow 300 As Weapon
Shot aimed to destroy armor worn by target.
Aim: Weapon Master Bow 300 As Weapon
Shot aimed to destroy weapon held by target.
Aim: Wallet Hunt Bow 200 As Weapon
Shot aimed at wallet. Big payoff if it hits.

Doom Archer's predicted damage is equal to:

However, this damage is randomly split between HP and MP damage, using the following:

Doom Archer cannot be used without a Bow or Greatbow equipped.

Aim: Wallet steals a predicted amount of Gil equal to the Target's Max HP. The actual amount of Gil stolen varies as such:


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Auto-Regen Gaia Gear Automatically regenerates HP when you take damage. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Sniper Combo Mythril Shot Ranged combo ability for snipers. 100


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A sniper is a highly trained marksman who operates alone, in a pair, or with a sniper team to maintain close visual contact with the enemy and engage targets from concealed positions or distances exceeding the detection capabilities of enemy personnel.

The Sniper's Sharpshoot ability, Beso Toxico, is Spanish for "toxic kiss", though its correct spelling would actually be Beso Tóxico.