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These elite hunters stalk their prey with immense greatbows.


Sniper is a job available to viera in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.


Snipers have the highest Attack stat among viera classes, and they can equip greatbows, which means they are deadly at far range. They can use Vanish to pass foes unnoticed, then strike twice in the next turn with Doubleshot at their backs or inflict status effects with abilities, such as Death Sickle. Their Speed is slightly above average, they have average HP growth, but are poor in other areas. The Sniper takes a page from the Thief with Wallet Shot, which steals gil from distant enemies.

A suitable secondary A-Ability is Blade Arts; despite costing MP, its effectiveness is based on the Weapon Attack stat, the Sniper's area of expertise. Using Turbo MP as a passive benefits this setup—on turns when the Sniper can't use a Blade Art, she can use Doubleshot. Since Turbo MP multiplies both weapon attack and the attack stat the damage is higher even than Doubleshot, and may come with a status to boot, as well as the extra 15% accuracy boost. Another option is Assassination, which allows a possible 1-hit kill Ultima Masher at a range.

Snipers have great Attack growth, although they have slower Speed growth than Archers. Their Sharpshooting ability is excellent to combine with either Fencing (Fencer), Blade Arts (Spellblade), or, most typically, Precision (Archer).

Snipers' highly useful abilities, such as Armor Shot and Weapon Shot, are highly reliable when accuracy has been boosted with either the Concentration passive ability or bestowed by the spell Tranq. The Marksman's Spite ability is reliable when fighting enemies with the MP Shield reaction ability (it depletes both HP and MP). Snipers may not want to use the Regenerate support ability when they plan to use this attack (as its power depends upon damage incurred by the user).

An easy way to fight Snipers is to blind them, since their abilities mostly have low Accuracy. One may want to have high Resilience units to battle them. Having Rangers use Awareness can detect Snipers (making them able to be targeted), counteracting the Vanish ability. Equipping Archer's Bane avoids their greatbow attacks. Surprise attacking with gria units on the field is also effective. Snipers are prone to back attacks for their bad Defense growth. Sneak Attack combined with Critical↑ status from Advice by Hunters easily foul plays them.



SNIPERS end the lives of their victims with shots of uncanny accuracy.

Skill Equipment Range AP
Doubleshot Twin Bow Weapon range 300
Attack when the target is off guard to land two consecutive strikes.
Beso Toxico Cranequin Weapon range 250
Coat weapon with a deadly poison before attacking. Deals damage and POISONS the target.
Death Sickle Hades Bow Weapon range 200
Call the reapers of the dead to DOOM the target.
Vanish Windslash Bow Self 300 AP
Conceal one's self from foes. Taking any action will break the effect.
Marksman's Spite Max's Oathbow Weapon range 300
Deal damage and deplete MP equal to the user's lost HP. Requires: Bow, Crossbow
Armor Shot Elfin Bow Weapon range 300
Attempt to destroy the target's armor.
Weapon Shot Master Bow Weapon range 300
Attempt to destroy the target's weapon.
Wallet Shot Hunting Bow Weapon range 350
Aim for the target's gil pouch. Successful hits score a large amount of gil.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Regenerate Gaia Gear Gain REGEN after taking damage. 200



A sniper is a highly trained marksman who operates alone, in a pair, or with a sniper team to maintain close visual contact with the enemy and engage targets from concealed positions or distances exceeding the detection capabilities of enemy personnel.