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FFIV Minisode - Equip Anything Glitch

FFIV Minisode - Equip Anything Glitch

The glitch in action

The Sneak glitch is a glitch in Final Fantasy IV that involves Edge's Steal ability and allowing other characters to equip any weapon or shield. It has been fixed for the 3D remakes of Final Fantasy IV.

Essentially, the steps must be followed as shown, and there cannot be any number of those weapons or shields in the player's inventory:

  • The player must enter a battle with a monster with the preferable steal item
  • On the options screen, the player must have the "active battle" option selected. Edge should target an enemy and have him select the Sneak command.
  • The player must quickly enter the item menu with the character they want to equip the weapon/shield with. If the player entered the item selection screen before Edge stole the item, it won't be grayed out, even if the character wouldn't normally be able to equip it.
  • The player can just select the item, and scroll up to the equip screen and the character will be able to equip it.

If the equipped weapon or shield is ever removed from said character, they cannot re-equip it unless this trick is done again. Also, at first that character's stats will not change, but if a player goes into the equip screen, looks at the character, and then goes to the Status menu of the character, it will correct itself.

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