Template:FFVII Enemies Smogger is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII. It can only be fought in the Sector 5 Reactor during AVALANCHE's mission to destroy it near the beginning of the game, and is not a very strong enemy.


It has two attacks, Punch, a standard physical attack, and Smog, an attack that inflicts physical damage and may inflict either Poison or Darkness. It will only use Smog if there are party members that are not yet afflicted with the statuses in can inflict, otherwise it will always use Punch, however, it may still use Punch even if there are characters that are not Poisoned or Darkness.

It can be killed easily with a few physical attacks, but if a party member is in Darkness status, their attacks will miss, so it is better to use magic this time and as it has no elemental affinity any magic will suffice.

Smoggers ddrop Deadly Waste, a useful item which casts Bio2 on all enemies; they can be useful against Disc 1 bosses that can be poisoned.

AI Script

Start of battle

Declare Count = Random[0..4]

Declare Punch


Punch = 0

If (Count <= 2) Then

Punch = 1

If (Count <= 1) Then: Count = Count + 1


1/2 Chance: Count = 0

1/4 Chance: Count = 3

1/4 Chance: Count = 4

Else If (Count == 3) Then
If (any opponent does not have Poison) Then

Use Smog*(Poison version) on random opponent without Poison

Count = 0


Punch = 1

Count = 4

Else If (Count == 4) Then

If (any opponent does not have Darkness) Then: Use Smog*(Darkness version) on random opponent without Darkness

Else: Punch = 1

Count = 0

If (Punch = 1) Then

If (any opponent has Darkness) Then: Use Punch on random opponent with Darkness

Else: Use Punch on random opponent



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