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FFTA2 Smile Toss

Smile Toss in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

Spreads the joy to allow ally to act immediately.

Smile (スマイル, Sumairu?), also known as Smile Toss, is a recurring ability in the series, primarily used by the Juggler class.


Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Smile is a skill learned by Jugglers from the Orichalcum weapon, and costs 300 AP to master; it has a range of 4 squares.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Smile Toss is an ability learned by the Juggler class from the Orichalcum Dirk and costs 450 AP to master. It allows allies to act immediately, by casting Quicken on them; it has a range of 4 squares.

Smile Toss gives allies free turns when necessary, and two Jugglers with Smile Toss can potentially go anywhere on the map, assuming they remain in range of each others moves, and deliver a quick (and cheap) Ultima Charge since Smile Toss does not consume MP.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

Smile appears the Limit Burst of Juggler, one of three limited units from the Crystal Defenders collaboration. It enables Juggler to deal physical damage to all enemies and decrease all of their elemental resistances for the following three turns. As with all Limit Bursts, its power depends on the Juggler's rarity and Limit Burst level.

At Rarity 4★, Juggler inflicts elemental resistances reduction by 15%, and deals physical damage 2.3x at base level (LB Lv 1) and physical damage 3x at max (LB Lv 15). At Rarity 5★, however, Juggler can decrease the enemies' elemental resistances by 20%, and deals physical damage 2.5x at base level (LB Lv 1) and 3.45x at max level (LB Lv 20).


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