Slow is a magic spell in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is the second-level spell provided by Time Materia Time Materia, and has an offensive effect. The spell inflicts the Slow Slow debuff on a target, reducing the rate at which their skills recharge. Slow is Stop is opposed to Haste Haste, and using Slow will dispel Haste, but will not replace it.

Use[edit | edit source]

Slow costs 3 MP to cast. It applies the Slow debuff to a target, during which their actions are drastically slowed. This debuff is useful against more powerful enemies who have strong abilities, to weaken them temporarily and provide the player some breathing room in a drawn out fight. As many enemies and bosses are not immune to Slow, it can be useful against them for this reason.

The biggest downside to Slow is that its effect is relatively minor compared to Stop Stop. Though Stop ends much quicker, Stop outright prevents a target from acting entirely, where Slow just simply reduces their actions. Therefore, Slow is only useful against enemies that are immune to Stop, or before Stop has been unlocked.

Slow can be boosted effectively by pairing time materia with Magnify Materia Magnify Materia. This allows Slow to be used on all enemies to reduce their speed, although magnify reduces the length of the debuff's duration.

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