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Reduces speed temporarily


Slow is an indirect magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII that slows the target's speed for its duration. It can also be be junctioned to boost stats, or to inflict or resist against the Slow status effect.

Slow is the counterpart to Haste, which increases speed.


Slow is a spell drawn from a few enemies and draw points. It is available early on from the Caterchipillars encountered on the Balamb forests on the world map, but they need to be on high enough level to yield it. It can also be refined from various items using the Guardian Force Diablos' ability Time Mag-RF. Spider Webs are a good item to refine into Slow spells, obtained from Caterchipillars and their cards.



Slow applies the Slow status effect, which halves the target's speed for its duration. It is cast using the Magic command, Selphie's Slot Limit Break, or Rinoa's Angel Wing. Casting Slow in battle increases compatibility with Doomtrain by 1 and with Siren by 0.6, but lowers compatibility with Cerberus by 0.8 and with Carbuncle and Eden by 0.2.

Slow can be junctioned to boost Speed, though there are other spells that are a better choice for this purpose. More notably, Slow can be junctioned to either ST-Atk-J to inflict Slow and reduce an enemy's speed, or to ST-Def-J to provide immunity to Slow if 100 Slows are junctioned. These are better uses of the spell, although the player may opt for different immobilizing statuses, such as Sleep or Stop for ST-Atk-J, if available.

Later, the support ability Auto-Haste, taught by Cerberus or any Guardian Force after an Accelerator is applied, effectively provides immunity to Slow, as Haste and Slow cannot coexist on the same unit.

The following enemies use Slow against the player: Biggs (2nd), Blobra, Edea (2nd), Fujin (2nd), Gesper, Lefty, NORG, Paratrooper, and Sphinxara. It can be reflected.