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Slimes are enemies in Final Fantasy XI composed of a gelatinous substance with an indeterminate viscosity, they frequent moist or dark areas of Vana'diel. They are damaging enemies, as they are able to use their jelly-like bodies in an almost whip-like motion to inflict significant damage. Even more, they can spew a water-based liquid at their enemies, which causes damage and can, at times, render an adversary partially or totally immobile.

Slimes (and the Clot subspecies) are particularly strong to physical damage—often reducing physical attacks by as much as 75%. However, they are weak against magic—specifically fire-based spells.

The Clot subspecies are red in color, as opposed to their pitch black Slime relatives. Clots appear to take more damage from weapons than slimes do, and conversely seem to fare better against magic.

Special attacks[]

  • Digest: Single target Drain.
  • Dissolve: AoE Cone HP Drain. Only used by certain notorious monsters.
  • Epoxy Spread: 10' AoE Bind.
  • Fluid Spread: 10' AoE damage.
  • Fluid Toss: Single target damage.
  • HP Drain: Single target Drain.
  • Mucus Spread: 10' AoE Slow.
  • Cytokinesis: Summons several Septic Boils. Only used by Blobdingnag.