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Sleeping Powder in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Powder to lure sleep.

Final Fantasy VIII description

Sleeping Powder (眠り粉 or スリープパウダー, Nemurigona or Surīpu Paudā?, lit. Sleep Powder), also known as Sleep Powder, is a recurring item in the series. It is commonly associated with the Sleep spell.


Final Fantasy VIII[]

Sleep Powder is an item that can be dropped or stolen from Funguar (any level) or Grat (any level), or found as a 4/288 chance from Angelo Search. One Sleep Powder can be refined into one Remedy via ST Med-RF, or one Sleep Powder can be refined into 20 Sleep spells via ST Mag-RF.

Final Fantasy X[]

Inflicts damage and sleep on all enemies.


Sleeping Powder is an item that inflicts non-elemental damage and Sleep to all targets of the chosen party for 8 turns. When 10 are used to customize a weapon, it grants that weapon Sleeptouch. When 6 are used to customize an armor, that armor gains Sleep Ward. When 3 are used on an aeon, that aeon will learn Sleep Attack, or if 10 are used on an aeon, they will learn Sleep Buster. It can be obtained by either stolen or bribed from Dingo, Garm, Mi'ihen Fang, Sand Wolf, and Snow Wolf.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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