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Inflicts sleep on the target.


Sleep is an Effect spell in Final Fantasy VI. It inflicts the sleep effect on one target, which prevents a target from acting until being woken up by curing the status, or inflicting physical damage. The spell is taught by magicite.

Sleep is also an enemy ability used by Level 40 Magic, Level 70 Magic, Magic, Wizard, Abaddon, and Intangir.

Sleep can also be used as an added ability with the Zwill Crossblade (a weapon for Locke).


Party members can learn the spell through Siren, taught at a rate of x10.


Sleep is affected by reflect and Runic.


Sleep is a cheap and effective debuff to use against an enemy. The spell can be a useful way to stop an enemy from acting, allowing the player to focus on dealing with other enemies first and avoid damage from the one under sleep. Enemies under sleep can still be damaged using spells or abilities using magic damage, meaning the spell is also useful with a magic-heavy party. The downside to the spell otherwise is that many bosses are immune.

Compared to other debuffs, while Stop can completely freeze an enemy and still leave them vulnerable to physical attacks, it is a much more expensive spell. Confuse is similar to Sleep in that it effectively removes the enemy as a source of damage until the enemy is hit by a physical attack from the player, but with Confuse, the enemy will damage other enemies, making it slightly more beneficial. However, Confuse has a slightly smaller hit rate and higher MP cost.

Because Sleep is unaffected by the caster's stats, it can be taught to and used by any party member, and it may be better for non-spellcaster party members to use Sleep so spellcasters can preserve MP. Since the spell will not be used too often, it is low priority to teach to all party members.