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Puts single/multiple targets to sleep.


Sleep is a Blk Mag spell in Final Fantasy IX usable by Vivi. The earliest it can be obtained is from the Flame Staff that can be stolen from Black Waltz 3 when faced with Dagger's party. Sleep attempts to put one or multiple enemies to sleep, rendering them unable to act until they awake, and unable to avoid attacks in this state. In Trance, Vivi can use Sleep twice in one turn.

Sleep can be used as an enemy ability by Abomination and Grimlock. It can be reflected as normal and can be countered with the ability Return Magic.


Sleep is learned from the Flame Staff, which can be stolen from the Black Waltz 3 when Marcus is in Dagger's party, but the player may as well skip it in favor of simply finding it in Cleyra's Trunk, as Vivi is in the latter party anyway. It can also be bought for 1,100 gil from Treno (disc 2), Cleyra, Lindblum (disc 2), Conde Petie, Black Mage Village (discs 2 & 3), and Alexandria.


Status-inflicting Black Magic spells are based on Vivi's Level, Magic stats, and the status spell's base accuracy. Vivi can use the Focus ability to increase his Magic during that battle by 25% per use. The effect stacks up to 99. The effect lasts for the entire battle, even if KO'd.

Afterward, two randomly generated numbers determine if the spell will hit:

A random number 0...99 >= Chance, Vivi misses his cast
A random number 0...99 < Target's Magic Evade, the target evades

Accuracy is halved by Shell, being under Mini and if the player multi-targets the spell.

In Vivi's Trance, Blk Mag turns into Dbl Blk where Vivi can cast two spells on his turn. The spells cost MP and expend the Trance gauge independently.

The support ability that affects Sleep is Reflect-Null (Sleep pierces target's Reflect).


Sleep is obtained during early mid-game, but has limited uses; most bosses are immune to its effect, and against normal enemies Vivi is often better off targeting their elemental weakness instead. However, if setting up enemies for Quina to eat, putting the targets to sleep may be preferable. Other ways to inflict Sleep onto enemies are with Quina's Night that will never miss (but hits the player party as well), and with certain weapons; in the endgame, Zidane can reliably put enemies to sleep with his Ultima Weapon coupled with Soul Blade, rendering Vivi's Sleep spell obsolete.