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Sled Fang is Red XIII's first level 1 Limit in Final Fantasy VII, available to him by default. It is a physical attack on a single target that strikes for 3 times his normal physical damage, giving it an identical effect to Cloud's Braver. Using Sled Fang eight times grants Red XIII the Lunatic High.

Sled Fang is performed by Red XIII engulfing himself in energy as he charges up, before shooting forward and pouncing on the enemy in question.


Sled Fang is a physical attack dealing 3 times Red XIII's normal damage when used. As with all physical attacks, it relies on Red XIII's Strength stat and his current weapon when dealing damage. The ability is best used to either deal heavy damage to a larger enemy, or finish off a smaller one quickly.

Since Red XIII is typically built towards spellcasting due to his Magic stat, both naturally and when boosted by equipped weapons, it is often better to use his other level 1 Limit, Lunatic High, once obtained, due to the boosts it provides to the party. Red XIII's first level 2 Limit, Blood Fang, deals less damage but also heals Red XIII's HP and MP, while his second level 2 Limit, Stardust Ray, hits 10 times for 0.625 damage. The former is a better choice for Red XIII due to his playstyle, while the latter has better damage output. Therefore, Sled Fang becomes obsolete once level 2 is obtained.